We are all familiar with the phrase fake it until you make it, but have you ever thought about who you would fake it to? For most people, the answer is simple – your peers, co-workers, and clients at work. However, OchacoUraraka shows us that there are times when faking it can be used to benefit others instead of yourself.

Her Values:

As one of IzukuMidoriya’s first friends at U.A.,  is naturally very kind and compassionate, always trying to help her friends out in times of need. She helps Izuku when he learns about One For All, secretly spending most of her allowance to pay for his self-defense lessons so that he could keep up with his new classmates. However, Uraraka doesn’t like to show off her kindness (as she told Izuku not to tell anyone about their lessons) but also doesn’t hide it either—her actions speak louder than words! Through these actions, we can see that Uraraka isn’t just a good friend; she is also willing to stand up for what she believes in.

Ochaco’s kindness doesn’t just extend to her friends. It also extends to people she barely knows, such as Minoru Mineta, who has been bullying Izuku in public since their first year of middle school. Despite having never talked to him, knowing that Minoru was being forced into his actions by another student and tried everything she could to stop him (which led to her getting injured). Her compassionate nature is what makes her truly heroic—she wants to help others even if it means risking herself!

Where does she get her strength from?


Uraraka doesn’t believe she is inherently stronger than anyone else, nor does she want to be. She wants to get stronger on her own terms, and for no other reason than to help others. s both kind-hearted and tough. Like many young adults, she grapples with imposter syndrome but powers through it by sticking to a schedule and believing in herself. By staying organized and setting aside time each day to work out, sleep, or do whatever she needs to do next,  gains confidence that her efforts will pay off. And if they don’t? The lesson here might be that it’s okay when they don’t—because failure isn’t permanent if you try again tomorrow.

How does she use her values to help others?

She always follows her own personal mantra: Nothing I can do about it. This is in reference to how she does not let other people tell her what to do, but also that she will not change for them.  uses her values to help others by providing encouraging words when they need it most and even stepping in with physical intervention when necessary.

You can use her values to help others in your own life. If someone is making you feel less than or you want to do something they disapprove of, ask yourself if they would approve of your actions. If it wouldn’t make them happy, don’t do it. You are not beholden to anyone but yourself and using her mantra to help others will let them see that and respect you for it.

Does her personality reflect her values?

is someone who wants to make her family proud, but at times she struggles with imposter syndrome, wondering if she really deserves to be where she is. This can lead her to withdraw from others and have low self-esteem. However, despite these tendencies, Meliodas has never let her doubts about her own ability get in her way. Instead of worrying about them, she always works hard to try and improve herself and achieve more. Even in class when confronted by an obstacle that could potentially be impossible for her to overcome (like getting an F on a test), she does not give up until she finds a solution.

’s personality traits are also reflected in her values. She is honest and hardworking, always putting her best effort into everything she does. This dedication extends to her sense of loyalty and friendship, which motivates her to help others whenever she can.

Despite how busy she is as a hero-in-training and school idol, still makes time for her friends when they need support or guidance. The same selflessness that keeps Ochaco working hard for herself also inspires her to look out for others.

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