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Volleyball Anime

Volleyball Anime The anime series Haikyū!! (ハイキュー!!, Haikyū!!) Was released in 2014 and has been renewed for Season 2 to be released in April 2016. The first season of the anime aired on TBS from April 7 to September 27, 2014, and was simulcast by Crunchy roll with English subtitles.

What is anime about volleyball?

The Best Volleyball Anime of All Time (That Aren’t Haikyuu) It may be one of Japan’s most popular sports, but there are surprisingly few anime that revolves around volleyball. The sport is more often a backdrop to an otherwise unrelated storyline (like in Real Drive or Hotaru no Hikari), and it’s only really ever been featured as a major component in shows like Keijo, and of course, Haikyuu!!

But while many series have taken inspiration from volleyball—the physicality of matchess; a sense of teamwork; scenes where characters simply play against themselves—there are relatively few dedicated series about actual volleyball players.

There are even fewer high school volleyball players, despite its popularity among Japanese youth. This list takes a look at some of those rare exceptions: five great volleyball anime you should check out if you’re into sports anime! These aren’t all necessarily Haikyuu!! Alternatives; some just happen to feature similar themes and story beats. And if none of these appeals to you, don’t worry: we’ve also included a list of other top volleyball anime for comparison. No matter what your taste in volleyball anime, there’s something here for everyone.

Volleyball Anime Sakuragi becomes determined to lead his school to victory in tournaments after he meets Haruko Akagi, one of Harukawa’s cheerleaders who came from America specifically to see him play. The Prince of Tennis. The Prince of Tennis is a shōnen tennis manga created by Takeshi Konomi. Set in Japan, it centers on Ryoma Echizen, a 12-year-old tennis prodigy who moves to a new high school to join its prestigious tens club.

Ryoma quickly defeats several club members when they challenge him; however, he is soon defeated by Tetsuya Fuji of South Kaiho Academy when they have their first official match at Nationals. Although Ryoma loses, he vows to someday surpass Fuji and win against him in front of everyone at Nationals. With his ambition burning brightly within him, Ryoma begins his journey toward becoming Japan’s top tennis player.

What anime is beach volleyball in?

There is a lot of beach volleyball anime out there that really go into detail and capture what it feels like to be out on a Volleyball Anime court. However, if you want something funny, then it might be best to try Beach Episode. The main character manages to get hit by a truck while driving with his friends, but he is sent back in time to before they decided to go out.

In his second chance, he tries to get them all back in one piece. If you’re looking for an intense Volleyball Anime, then I recommend Haikyuu. This show has been called the new volleyball manga and is based on real-life professional players. It follows Shoyo Hinata as he tries to become a member of Karasuno High School’s Volleyball Anime team after years of being rejected because he was too small. He’s always admired their team captain Kageyama Tobio (nicknamed King of the Court) from afar, so now that he has his chance, nothing will stop him from joining! Unfortunately for him, Kageyama doesn’t seem interested in recruiting him. But maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem…

For those of you who want to watch a  Meliodas, then you might be surprised that there are only a few out there. If you have already watched them all, then it’s time to try something different! We hope that you find something interesting and new to watch in our list above. In fact, if you know of any other beach volleyball anime that is worth watching, then let us know in the comments below Great beach volleyball anime for players or people who just like watching sports.

What is the new volleyball anime?

I’ve seen all of them, but Haikyuu!! is really good. If you’re a fan of volleyball and comedy, it’s definitely something you should check out. The manga has been running since 2012, but there’s still no sign of an anime ending anytime soon. seems like they’ve got a good thing going. Haikyuu!! was actually one of my first anime! And I am glad that more people are watching it now.

It’s a great series with some amazing characters, and even though it hasn’t finished airing yet. I can already tell that it will be remembered as one of those classic sports anime. It’s amazing how much love they put into each character to make sure they stand out their designs is just so unique.

It’s also quite realistic in terms of sport: it doesn’t shy away from injuries or mental breakdowns, but at the same time shows how hard work pays off in both training and matches. Definitely worth checking out if you want to see some intense volleyball action. Volleyball Anime? Well, it’s called Haikyuu which means High Jump in Japanese.

It is about high school students who play volleyball together. There are many episodes, but only two seasons have aired so far. I hope there will be more seasons because I think Haikyuu is very interesting and fun to watch – especially for me because I love volleyball myself Volleyball anime? Well, it’s called Haikyuu which means High Jump In Japanese.

It is about high school students who play volleyball together. There are many episodes, but only two seasons have aired so far. I hope there will be more seasons because I think Haikyuu!! is very interesting and fun to watch – especially for me because I love volleyball myself! : What’s your favorite volleyball anime? Mine would have to be ‘Haikyuu’ by Fur date Haruichi. There are lots of crazy moments in it that’ll leave you wanting more.


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