What anime is Beerus?

Beerus (ビルス, Birusu), sometimes spelled as Beers, or Birus in the Funimation dub, is the God of Destruction from Universe 7, introduced in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and appearing as a recurring antagonist in its TV series and movies since then. He’s first introduced as an ally of the Z Fighters when fighting against the God of Destruction from Universe 6, but he eventually becomes their archenemy after his role changes from that of an ally to that of an enemy.

Who is Beerus?

Beerus One of them, Zen-Oh, is associated with East Kaioshin. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 it’s revealed that Zen-Oh and his partner West Kaioshin are responsible for choosing new Supreme Kais and they like to challenge their candidates in battle which shows they like martial arts. Because of their love for martial arts, Zen-Oh and West Kaioshin are best friends but do get into heated arguments over who’s stronger or even using fusions forms to settle these debates sometimes. However, there’s still no confirmation if Super Shenron exists or not.

And while many fans think he does exist others believe he doesn’t exist at all as well. So far nothing has been confirmed on whether or not Super Shenron actually exists within Universe 7 so fans will just have to wait until more information is released on him in future games and movies such as Dragon Ball Super: Broly. If you want to know what other Gods of Destruction there are then be sure to check out our character page here. If you’re interested in finding out about Super Shenron then check out our character page here. You can also learn about Fusion Zamasu here too!

Beerus was created by Akira Toriyama as part of his Dragon Ball franchise and first appeared in chapter #530 of Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Beerus In Dragon Ball Super he appears for an arc before retiring from Earth’s affairs and returning to his home, where he acts as a mentor to Whis.

He has also played various roles in other Dragon Ball media such as video games, films, and other animated works. As with most Saiyans Beerus originally only had one name but after training with Whis he became powerful enough to earn himself another name. His official name change occurred when Goku made him speak his full name in front of a mirror after being hit by his Sphere of Destruction technique which left a massive hole right through his stomach and intestines.

The Story Behind Beerus’ Name:


According to Toriyama, he was originally simply going to be called God of Destruction. However, because God of Destruction (破壊神) sounded a bit strange, Toriyama decided to give him a name that was more fitting with his personality and appearance. The kanji for his name is exactly what you would think: 瓶 (pronounced as bin) means bottle and 酒 (pronounced as sake) means liquor or beer. So in essence Beerus’ name means a bottle of liquor/beer.

Thusly when you see him drawn in promotional artwork/etc., you can imagine him sitting atop a planet like he’s chilling out and drinking a cold one. Beerus The Story Behind Beerus’ Clothing: In terms of why Beerus wears his iconic obi belt, it was actually something Toriyama forgot about until it came time to do Dragon Ball Super. He remembered that Goku wore an obi around his waist at some point during Dragon Ball Z so he figured it would make sense if there were a character who wore an obi all of the time too (Goku eventually stopped wearing an obi).

As for why Beerus has four star-like markings on each side of his head, Toriyama just thought they looked cool so he gave them to him! There isn’t any sort of deeper meaning behind them. The Story Behind Beerus’ Personality: If you’ve seen Battle of Gods then you already know that Beerus likes to eat delicious food. But did you know that he also loves sleeping? Because both eating and sleeping have become such huge parts of his life, Beerus doesn’t really care much about anything else. If something happens while he’s asleep or eating then it’ll probably end up being bad news for whoever caused it…that’s just how things work out for poor Bulma.

The Story Behind Beerus’ Voice Actor: To play Beerus, Toriyama chose Kōichi Yamadera. Yamadera had previously voiced Space Pirate Captain Harlock in Space Pirate Captain Harlock and Hunter x Hunter’s Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter. Toriyama had always wanted to work with Yamadera again someday so he made sure to get him for Beerus! After voicing Beerus, Yamadera went on to voice Hades in Saint Seiya Omega and Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The Story Behind Whis’ Appearance: When designing Whis, Toriyama used Tomoyuki Tanaka as inspiration. Tanaka was a producer at Toei Animation who worked on various projects including Dragon Ball Z. While designing Whis, Toriyama tried to capture Tanaka’s laid-back nature by giving him long sleeves and long pants which matched his tall height.

Light Yagami The Story behind Whiz’s Name: Although This is a pretty simple character design overall, his name is actually kind of complicated! It comes from two different sources. First off, uis (ウイス) is written in katakana so it doesn’t have any kanji associated with it. It’s just a straight-up English word! What happens to be an actual English word too though! It comes from whisky, which is a type of alcoholic beverage that comes from Scotland. So in essence Whis’ name means whisky in Japanese.

Which makes sense considering he’s essentially Bulmer’s personal bartender for whenever she wants some drinks for herself or her friends/family members! The Story Behind Whis’ Voice Actor: To play Whis, Toriyama chose Masakazu Morita.

Who can beat Beerus in anime?

Beerus, who makes his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, is an incredibly powerful god who was once feared throughout all of existence. In order to maintain peace across all worlds, he keeps a tight watch on other deities in order to ensure that they do not lose control of their powers and cause too much destruction. Those who step out of line must face his wrath which typically involves plenty of Kay blasts and massive explosions.

While it would be easy to try and take him down using brute force, one needs only to watch how easily he defeats Super Saiyan God Goku to realize that a straight-up fight just isn’t going to cut it. So what anime character can beat Beerus?

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