Capitol Technology University

What Is Capitol Technology University Known For?

Capitol Technology University was founded in 1979 and has since built its reputation on offering affordable, flexible degrees to both traditional and non-traditional students alike. The university serves all of the Washington, DC area with campuses in Laurel, Maryland and Fairfax, Virginia; and it offers several Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in areas like healthcare, information technology, business management, and education.

Is Capitol Technology University Regionally Accredited?

Yes, The Capitol Technology University is regionally accredited by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education. They offer online master’s degree programs in criminal justice, health care management and business administration. Campus locations are in Laurel, Maryland and Richmond, Virginia. CTU’s campuses have numerous certifications including a Business-Process Reengineering Center of Excellence.

CTU received an Award of Distinction from Washingtonian magazine as one of Washington’s best colleges & universities with graduate programs in criminal justice from 2010 to 2016. It also won The Best 401k Plan at its location in Laurel, Maryland by Investment News. Capitol Technology University was selected as a Top Workplace in Baltimore from 2014-2017. Its selection as an Army ROTC Military Friendly School for 2015 was just one of much recognition.

CTU has been listed among Military Advanced Education’s Top Colleges & Universities for over seven years. The most popular majors are finance, accounting, and project management and information G-Technology among others. CTU offers accelerated bachelor’s degrees where you can finish your undergraduate work in less time than it would take you to earn it otherwise. Students can choose from more than 80 technical specialties that include cyber security, human resources development, pharmaceutical marketing, IT network engineering and mechanical engineering.

CTU students aren’t bound by traditional collegiate rules they’re given academic freedom because they work on individualized projects under close supervision. Each student must demonstrate independence when completing assignments. You’ll be challenged academically but encouraged to make personal choices so long as they enhance your academic experience and career readiness upon graduation.

What County Is Capitol Technology University In?

Capitol Technology University The population of Prince George’s County, MD is 51.6% Black, 31.2% White, and 9.1% Hispanic. 16.8% of the people in Prince George’s County, MD speak a non-English language, and 93.4% are U.S. citizens. The largest universities in Prince George’s County, MD are Morgan State University, with 2,435 graduates.

The Johns Hopkins University at Shady Grove Campus was acquired by Morgan State University in 2014. According to our data, there are 588 more graduates from other colleges and universities in Prince George’s County, MD than those listed above. In 2006 there were 69,036 residents of Prince George’s County that graduated from college. 65% graduated with a undergraduate degree in either Computer & Information Sciences or Engineering & Engineering Technologies as their major, while 21% graduated with degrees in Health Professions & Related Programs/Technicians & Related Technicians and 6% graduated with degrees in Psychology.

But if you have an MBA your business salary could be over $122K per year! With experience and leadership qualities come even higher amounts of compensation! Median yearly earnings for management analysts range between approximately $64-$104K depending on experience level. Engineers also seem to enjoy increasing salaries over time! An engineering associate can make close to $50K, but senior engineers with 20+ years of experience can command salaries upwards of $108K a year. Looking for something new?

Is Capitol University Legit?

Reviews on sites like Yelp and Face book are a great way to tell if a business is worth its salt. In addition to checking out reviews of CTU, you should also do your own research. Make sure that anyone who has complaints has taken their concerns up with management first; after all, not every complaint or negative review is accurate. It’s fair to say that in an age where customer service satisfaction isn’t always guaranteed, CTU’s relatively positive reviews are proof enough that they care about their students’ success as much as you do.

You may also want to ask around if your friend or coworker attends or attended CTU and had a good experience it could make for another piece of convincing evidence when it comes time to look at schools in your area.

Don’t risk making a bad decision based off online reviews from people who weren’t satisfied! Instead, take everything into account: how many years do CTU offer courses for? Does everything else included in tuition seem worthwhile? What makes their course offerings so special compared to similar programs elsewhere in Maryland? If you still aren’t sure, there’s no shame in doing more research or having more face-to-face interactions before giving the thumbs up.

With so many options out there and such a wide variety of services offered, finding something truly specialized can feel difficult sometimes. Just remember that there’s no set path to higher education.

So long as you’re interested in learning new skills while getting closer to your ultimate goal, then go ahead and sign yourself up! The fact that CTU is flexible enough to work with busy professionals going through major life changes proves that quality education doesn’t have an expiration date when it comes down to taking classes for fun rather than strictly for credit.

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