What Is Meant By Unemployment Insurance

What Is Meant By Unemployment Insurance

What Is Meant By Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance benefits are cash payments for workers who have lost their jobs. Benefits can also include health insurance and job training while you are looking for work. Not everyone can receive unemployment benefits, but many workers can. What Is Meant By Unemployment Insurance, If you have lost your job, you may be able to receive unemployment benefits while looking for a new job.

In Massachusetts, the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) administers the Unemployment Insurance Program. Each year, employers pay taxes based on the number of employees they have hired, fired, or who have quit for other reasons and receive unemployment insurance. The money from these taxes pays for the unemployment insurance program. The US government also provides money to the state to allocate to the program.

When you lose your job through no fault of your own, the DUA pays you part of your wages as Unemployment Insurance benefits. If the DUA decides to give you unemployment insurance, they will pay you every week until you find a job or for a period of 30 weeks. MIWAM Login Sometimes the US government can add more time to these 30 weeks so that you can receive benefits over 30 weeks. Unemployment benefits are about half of what you earn each week when you are working. Now the maximum amount you can receive is $ 629 a week. If you have dependent children, you may get more money. You can find up-to-date information on unemployment benefits on the DUA ( Overview of Unemployment Benefits ) website.


What are unemployment insurance benefits?

Unemployment benefits include:

  • Payments in cash,
  • Higher cash benefits while you are undergoing job training, and
  • Help with health insurance.

The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) sends payments each week for up to 30 weeks. The idea of ​​sending these cash payments is to help you pay for your services while you look for a new job. The DUA determines how much to pay you based on the amount you earned during the year before you stopped working. The DUA uses this information to decide how much money to give you in unemployment payments.

If you go through a skills training program to help you get another job, the DUA can send you payments for up to 26 more weeks. The training program has to be approved by the DUA.


The DUA can also help you with health insurance.

To contact the DUA for more information on training programs, call 617-626-6800 or 877-626-6800, or go to the DUA’s Education and Training website . For more information about health insurance, call the Health Insurance Program at 800-908-8801 or go to the DUA website for help with your medical insurance .


Federal extensions of unemployment insurance benefits

Sometimes the economy is so bad that many people cannot find work. The government recognizes that it makes it harder than normal for many people to find work. For this reason, the United States government grants “federal extensions” to unemployed people. Federal extensions give you more weeks of unemployment payments. The last federal extension was issued on July 22, 2010 ( July 22, 2010 ).

What Is Meant By Unemployment Insurance
What Is Meant By Unemployment Insurance

How much money can I receive?

You can usually get half of what you made a week when you were working. The most you can get is $ 629 a week. This amount changes every year on October 1.

If you have children and if you pay more than 50% of their support, you may also receive $ 25 a week for each child who:

  • you are under 18 years of age
  • you are under 24 years of age and are a full-time student, or
  • unable to work because of mental or physical disability (regardless of age)
  • What other benefits can I receive?

Extended Unemployment Training Benefits (Section 30 Benefits)

You can also receive up to an additional 26 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits while participating in a job training program. The training program must be approved by the DUA. Also called “Section 30” or Training Opportunity Program (TOP).

You have to apply for the training program as soon as possible. To get an additional 26 weeks of benefits, the DUA expects you will have applied for training benefits within 15 weeks. This means that you must apply for the training within 15 weeks of filing for unemployment benefits. However, if you apply within a one-year period, the DUA accepts many reasons for the delay – after 15 weeks.

In some cases, the DUA may deny an unemployment insurance application and then change its mind and approve it. In this case, you must apply for training benefits no later than 15 weeks after the DUA approved your application. Again, even if you have a good reason for delaying applying for training benefits, you still have to apply within a year of your first application for unemployment insurance.



You have up to one year to apply with the DUA:

  • In tough economic times,
  • If you have left an industry in decline, or
  • The factory where I worked has closed forever

When the federal government grants Massachusetts additional funds to extend Unemployment Insurance benefits, you may receive an additional 26 weeks of Training Opportunity Program benefits. However, you must apply for benefits within one year after you have applied for unemployment insurance. Currently, individuals who receive unemployment insurance benefits have one year to apply for job training benefits from the DUA.

If you did not receive information about the requirement to apply within 15 weeks or if you were given incorrect information, you can apply later.

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