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ZEV Technologies Expands Product Line

ZEV Technologies, known for high-speed upgrade parts for, has expanded its product line with three new products created to make the popular 9mm platform even more efficient and customizable.

What is ZEV Technology?

The ZEV Technologies has long been known for high-speed upgrade parts for pistols. A new generation of ZEV Lights Out upgrade kits will allow anyone to transform their factory trigger into a crisp, two-stage trigger without any tools. Simply swap out your existing connector, install ZAV Technologies’ exclusive new springs and pins then assemble it all using specially designed tools.

It’s not just a drop-in part, either; even seasoned gunsmiths will be surprised at how easy these upgrades are to install with ZEV’s patent pending design. While every aspect is important in an upgrade like this, you can’t underestimate one key component: The sear spring/trigger bar spring combination in ZEV Technologies’ L.O.S kit was carefully selected after months of research and testing.

We’re convinced that we have finally identified what many experienced shooters know instinctively  there’s a Goldilocks not too hard, not too soft sear spring/trigger bar spring combination for our LOS kit that makes installation easier than ever before AND creates a two-stage pull unlike anything else on the market today.

Whether you’re looking to improve your single action shooting or hunting skills, or simply reduce recoil while maintaining reliability ZEV Technologies Light out Solutions give you more control over your firearm than ever before. With introductory pricing from $49.99 – $69.99, going lights out has never been easier or more affordable.

Try them now risk free and see for yourself why so many veteran gunslingers are choosing to Go Big or Go Home TM with ZEV technology. Offered exclusively by ZEV Technologies. There’s nothing quite like kicking back at home and enjoying some quality time with family and friends. But if you own a handgun, chances are good that domestic bliss means ditching your defensive piece before sitting down for dinner. If it came down to self defense, would your pistol serve its intended purpose?

The only way to find out is through regular dry fire practice with standard loads and live ammunition as well. In short order, you’ll be able to make tough shots during stressful situations – exactly when they’re needed most. You’ll also discover hidden talents within yourself that can only come out through consistent training. Dry firing is THE best training tool available to everyone. Not to mention,  Technologies puts $10 off select ZEV products for those who sign up for their newsletter.

What about improving functionality and accuracy with a new barrel and slide? At Technologies, we go above and beyond, constantly working towards enhancing every aspect of performance. That’s why engineers in our R&D department started asking themselves if there was an even better way to put rounds where they belong—and set about finding out.

The Benefits of Choosing ZEV:

For years, ZEV Technologies has been providing professional firearm trainers and gunsmiths with simple but effective upgrades for pistols. As a result of these firearms being constantly used, part wear is inevitability. However, thanks to their quality manufacturing process, ZEV Technologies parts are extremely durable – which means that even if you use your pistol as often as you want to be able to protect yourself or others around you, upgrading it with ZEV is never going to be a waste of money.

With over a decade of experience working in hand with engineers from both and Smith & Wesson, they’ve gained a lot of insight into what works best on existing weapons and how to adapt them for more powerful performance.

Some of their most popular products include extended slide releases, high-strength firing pins, trigger springs, and much more. If you’re looking for increased longevity without sacrificing flexibility then all you need to do is look at some sample photos below and take one step towards building a better life by choosing  Technologies today.

What Sets Them Apart? Just because other companies offer similar modifications don’t mean that they can stand up to ZEV Technologies rigid demands when it comes to product testing. In fact, only after hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of rounds have passed through their patented processes will any new product make its way onto store shelves.

Because anyone who knows anything about guns will tell you that nothing can match up against military-grade gear when there’s no backup weapon available and every round counts so why not give yourself every edge possible with a pistol designed specifically for self defense? What Are You Waiting For? You don’t have to go far online before stumbling across numerous sources telling you just how important personal protection is especially considering some politicians’ plans regarding gun control laws in America.

No matter where you land politically, it still makes sense to arm yourself with a top-quality pistol than potentially leave loved ones unprotected in times of trouble. With ZEV’s extensive research, however, you’ll be gaining access to decade’s worth of knowledge on building components that work perfectly with modern shooting styles and ballistic capabilities. Your decision should ultimately come down to protecting your own well-being above all else; if someone threatens you or those closest to you – aren’t you willing to do whatever it takes? To help ensure that’ll happen, please contact us today for more information about how we make purchasing from us a seamless process.

Who owns ZEV technologies?

They currently offer 10 different trigger kits including 4 drop in options and 6 assembled triggers that ship for $100-$150 which represent a tremendous value compared to most other aftermarket parts options available today. Their non-component products include, pistol night sights and suppressor sights which all retail between $90-$110/each depending on model as well as various magazine releases that range from $40 – $50 each. All these products have been designed to enhance trigger performance as well as looks. How has ZEV’s business grown over time?

Element Materials Technology Between 2011 and 2013 business more than doubled every year with new product development along with strategic partnerships growing sales significantly throughout those years. Sales in 2014 exceeded projections due to several large government contracts added throughout the year, we ended up shipping more than 40% more product than projected for 2014!

Due to increased demand during Q4 there were multiple opportunities within our infrastructure where we could see ways we could improve efficiencies and therefore reduce cost while increasing quality control standard.

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