Akamaru and Kiba have been together since they were young, and as such he has learned to read his master’s moods, allowing him to better anticipate Kiba’s orders in battle. Thanks to the powerful bond between the two, Akamaru can often sense Kiba’s feelings without being told what they are and is able to react accordingly.

Personality of Akamaru

Akamaru has shown to be very loyal to Kiba and is always by his side. Although he was once stubborn, Akamaru has demonstrated a great deal of obedience towards Kiba as seen during their fight with Tobi where he listened to all of Kiba’s commands without any hesitation. Akamaru also knows some of Kiba’s personal likes such as his love for pork buns and knows when it’s best to leave him alone when he wants privacy or doesn’t feel well. Even though they are extremely close.

The Akamaru has never fully understood Kiba due to the latter’s habit of beating around bushes and beating around paws which aggravates he greatly. Despite that fact, Akamaru still remains one of his closest friends.

Kiba has also shown a lot of affection towards Akamaru and seems to care a great deal about him. He also likes to pamper Akamaru from time to time by letting him sleep in his bed with him or making him sit on his lap. Kiba was initially very reluctant to go on missions that involved leaving  he behind for long periods of time but quickly got over it and became very protective of his dog when others touch him.

Whenever Akamaru is petted by other people, Kiba becomes visibly irritated with them for doing so. At times Kiba will even act like a bully toward him despite their close bond because he doesn’t want people from outside of their family to see how soft he can really be especially around Akamaru.

Abilities of Akamaru


All nin-dogs are able to communicate with each other, regardless of their rank or clan. They can also communicate with humans. his abilities include heightened senses of smell and hearing as well as increased agility and strength. He can use these traits to track others or to attack from a distance using his Fang Passing Fang (噛穿牙, Kameshōga) technique.

He is also capable of communicating with NarutoUzumaki through chakra pulses in Part I; however, Naruto is not always able to receive them due to being indifferent villages for most of Part II until later on when he finally reunites with him.

He also has a natural talent for ninjutsu. At a young age he learned how to use the Shadow Clone Technique and its larger variant along with many of his clan’s more complex techniques. His fighting style combines his sharp claws and teeth with his speed.

Along with Kiba, Akamaru can also use an advanced version of their clan’s Four Legs Technique called Fang Wolf Fang (牙狼牙, Garōga) which allows them to attack at high speed with both of them being covered in chakra that resembles a red wave of fire when they are striking their enemy.

Mischievous Nature of Akamaru

Akamaru has a very mischievous nature as shown when he pulls Kiba’s ears to make him fight NarutoUzumaki. He is also quite cowardly as he ran away whimpering when Naruto transformed into Kurama. Despite his wild personality and love for fighting, Akamaru is a clever and sharp canine.

He shows plenty of cunning in battle by using his transforming abilities to trick enemies for long enough for Kiba to attack them with his Fang Passing Fang. In stark contrast to his master Kiba who can be rather hot-headed at times, he displays a cool head in battle, calmly barking out commands.

hhe is Kiba’s constant companion, whom he treasures very much. he was with Kiba when they were younger, being mischievous and getting into trouble together; some of these exploits still remain a mystery to many people.

Despite his commitment to Kiba however, Riza Hawkeye has shown a level of respect for other comrades. This is seen during Pain’s invasion of Konoha when he witnessed NarutoUzumaki scolding and ultimately defying Tobi and yet he did not tell anyone what happened between them. He also displays admiration toward TsumeInuzuka who shares similar traits such as her devotion to her companions.

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