Alabama Department of Education

Introduction to the Alabama Department of Education

The Alabama Department of Education, often abbreviated to ASDE, is the state education agency of Alabama and is led by the State Superintendent of Education. The department oversees primary and secondary public education within the state and reports directly to the Alabama State Board of Education, which advises the Alabama State Superintendent on education policy. ASDE administers programs, provides support and resources to students, teachers, schools and other educational institutions within Alabama’s educational system. It also acts as an advocate for students, parents and teachers in dealing with local school districts when concerns arise about funding or special needs that require intervention by a higher authority.

What does Alabama department of education do:

The Alabama Department of Education is located in Montgomery, AL and was established in 1859. The state department is led by Dr. Eric Mackey and there are a number of divisions that work together with each other. The Divisions consist of Early Childhood Programs, Administrative Services Division, Academic Programs Division, Curriculum and Instructional Support Division, Educational Technology Services Division, Finance and Management Services Division.

The main objective for these divisions is to make sure that all students across Alabama Department of Education have an equal opportunity for success academically and socially. The DOE is responsible for grading schools throughout Alabama based on their performance on standardized testing as well as teacher evaluations from those same teachers’ performance from year-to-year. This grade is called a Star rating system and it takes into account not only test scores but also how many times students were absent during school years.

Many factors are involved when it comes to deciding which Alabama public school will get ranked as a 5 star school, so every child has an equal chance at academic excellence regardless of which district they attend or where they live. The Alabama Department of Education gives a broad description of what each public school district can do and how they are supposed to operate when it comes to things like class size, teacher evaluations, tenure, mandatory summer sessions as well as many other factors that determine whether a school district or individual schools will get high marks from state officials. The main goal is making sure all students in all grades have equal opportunities for academic success.

In Alabama, every child has an equal chance at academic excellence because no matter where you live or which district you attend, you will receive an education tailored to your needs. Every child deserves an education tailored just for them, so every Alabama public school works hard to give their students exactly that!

What is the Alabama education Initiatives?

The Alabama Department of Education has developed a number of initiatives aimed at improving student achievement and increasing parental engagement. The Alabama education initiative is designed to simplify key state-level educational policies. Alabama education initiatives helps break down barriers between communities in Alabama by providing opportunities for parents, educators, students and community members to collaborate, innovate and help students succeed. Each district’s local board has adopted a statement regarding their commitment to supporting student success.

Many schools have also implemented systems that provide specific guidelines for staff that are responsible for implementing procedures related to intervention, attendance and standardized testing, among other measures that help improve student learning. Alabama Department was one of nine states to win an award through Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities program, which was based on an assessment of these criteria. This national recognition identifies Alabama as a leader in using data analysis to make evidence-based decisions about services districts need most – ultimately leading to better results for kids.

Role of the Alabama Department of Education:

The Alabama State Board of Education serves as Alabama’s state board of education. The department is governed by a board whose members are appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by a majority vote in both houses of the Alabama Legislature. This means that for each appointment, at least 50% plus one vote must be cast in favor of confirmation.

There are nine members on The State Board of Education who represent specific geographic regions within Alabama and its three congressional districts. Members are nominated from those districts and appointed according to their nominations. Once confirmed they serve until February 1 following their second election and inauguration or until their successors have been elected and qualified. Uplift Education is a public charter school network, which was founded as the North Hills Preparatory School in Irving

Thereafter, members shall serve six-year terms with no limit on how many terms an individual may serve. However, upon becoming qualified after expiration of any six-year term during which he or she was not elected but served with less than four years remaining before expiration of such term, a member shall continue to serve only until his or her successor has been elected and qualified.


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