Android 17

The duality of Android 17

When Android 17 and his sister, Android 18, first appeared in Dragon Ball Z, we were only given hints of who they really were. We knew that the twins had been raised by Dr. Gero as a part of his Super 17 project and that Android 17 was eventually killed in an explosion. However, as the series continued and we learned more about their human origins, it was revealed that Android 17 was actually the creation of Dr. Gero known as Lapis before he was turned into an android; specifically, he was Dr.

Is Android 17 a human now?

The Android 17 was created by Dr. Gero as an artificial human, though he thought of him more like a son than an android. During his first activation test, he showed extreme levels of power for android and survived attacks that killed other robots. Dr. Gero had to use almost all his resources to perfect him but it was worth it: with Piccolo’s cells and Goku’s genes, Android 17 might have been one of Cell’s strongest opponents if he hadn’t decided to join Team Universe 7.

Now he has a new goal in life: to protect Earth from any threats. He is still an android at heart, but after meeting humans like Chichi and Krillin who cared about him even when they knew what he really was, Android 17 started wondering if there could be something else out there for him too.

So now he doesn’t know what he is anymore; part robot, part human? Or just a really powerful being who likes fighting evil? The world may never know! What do you think of Android 17’s personality?: If we compare him to how he used to be, before joining team universe 7, I think we can say Android 17 has become much more open-minded and understanding. When he was first activated, his only purpose was following orders. He became less cold-hearted towards others (even though he is still serious most of the time) and understood that not everyone is bad because they are not on your side or don’t agree with you.

Is Android 17 stronger than Goku?

Android 17
                          Android 17

Goku is in another class altogether than Android 17. That being said, 17 isn’t even really a fighter, but more so a demolitions expert and he’s got some pretty nice gadgetry, which definitely gives him an edge against opponents who don’t rely on hand-to-hand combat as much as Goku does. So no, I don’t think Goku is stronger than Android 17 in terms of pure physical strength and stamina.

However, if they fought like they did most recently in their base forms I would say that Goku is stronger because he relies on martial arts skills to fight his battles whereas all 17 use is brute force with just enough tech to give him an edge. And honestly, it took Goku quite a bit of time to beat 17 (the anime), so I’d say that Goku can be considered stronger by default.

Why is Android 17 evil?

Both Android 17 and his twin sister, 18, were originally ordinary humans who had been kidnapped by Dr. Gero to transform them into cyborgs. By turning them into human weapons and removing their sense of conscious moral code by using computer chips, they could be controlled and manipulated to kill freely.

Gero’s final two creations, however, proved too powerful to control and they both broke free from his programming (while destroying most of his lab in a fit) forcing him to flee. As they had nowhere else to go, Dr. Gero took them back with him where he repaired their bodies at great cost to himself. He then reprogrammed them as deadly killing machines without any regard for human life. When they finally realized what they were doing was wrong, it was already too late and they became trapped in a cycle of endless fighting between each other and any other being that got in their way or stood up to them – even if it meant killing innocent people.

It wasn’t until meeting Son Goku that things changed for  Kushina Uzumaki  discovered there was more to life than just fighting and death. He eventually joined forces with Goku, sacrificing himself against Cell when allowed to destroy him once and for all.

Who is Android 17 wife?

This is a surprisingly hard question to answer because, for one thing, we really don’t know much about Android 17. His main role in Dragon Ball Z was to fight and be defeated by Goku and his friends—not exactly dateable behavior. The only real clue we have to his personality comes from a scene at Dr. Gero’s lab where he’s seen joking around with an unknown android named Lapis. We can speculate that Lapis is either a female creation of Dr. Gero or another android like himself who he became friends with.

Whether or not that means they were romantically involved is impossible to tell based on what little evidence there is, but it would make sense given how similar they seem! Regardless, if you’re looking for someone cool to hang out with you could do worse than spending time with a super-strong android like Android 17.

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