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The Cutest Anime Boys

While there are plenty of lists on the Internet that feature the cutest anime girls, there isn’t as much discussion about cute anime boys. There are so many different characters in different shows that you could fill up hours of conversations talking about each and every one of them, but we’ve narrowed it down to five of our favorites in this list of the cutest anime boys.

Anime Boys with Cute Eyes:

The Anime Boys Something that many anime fans will tell you is that, aside from their over-the-top fight scenes and supernatural powers, one of the things they love most about anime is its cast of cute boys. Often made with large eyes and luscious lashes, these perfect anime bishounen are a feast for both eyes and heart. From new shows like Yuri.

On Ice to old classics like Saint Seiya, there’s something for every fan! Below we’ve rounded up some of our favorite anime boys who are so adorable it hurts! Let us know in the comments which ones you think we missed. And be sure to check out Part 2: Cute Guys with Cool Eyes and Part 3: Pretty Anime boys for more awesome eye candy.

Anime Boys Who Are Tough but Sweet:

Tough guys are hot on our list, but we love a man who can be tough and sweet. On top of that, anime toughness is sometimes more about fighting ability than actual toughness (like when they aren’t afraid to cry or get emotionally attached). Even though they’re often drawn with macho features like sharp jaws and big eyes, there are a lot of anime boys with sensitive sides.

Take, for example, Yusuke from Yu YuHakusho or AkitoSohma from Fruits Basket. At first glance you might think these anime boys are all guts and no heart—but scratch below their rough exteriors and you’ll find some pretty romantic softies hiding inside.

Anime Boys Who Look Like Twins:

Anime Boys
                                           Anime Boys

Most anime characters that look alike aren’t actually related, but here are some of our favorite pairs of anime brothers who resemble each other enough to be mistaken for twins. Even though they’re all voiced by different people, you’ll have a hard time telling them apart. Can you guess which one is your favorite? There are more out there – these just happen to be our favorites! Have fun looking at these anime boys.

Anime Boys That Are Just Too Pretty:

It’s true that good looks can get you far in life, and anime boys are no exception. Some of these adorable guys look like they stepped right out of a manga—and some of them would be at home as part of your own personal harem! So if you’re looking for a few new shows to watch or just some cute guys to enjoy, check out our list below. You might just find your next favorite anime boy.

Anime Boys with Cool Glasses:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what does a girl think when she sees an ShotoTodoroki with glasses? For better or worse, women (and men) are judged for their appearances. So, what if our favorite anime characters were just like us and wanted to look as good as possible? There would be an awful lot of anime characters running around in glasses. The thing is they’d probably look pretty good doing it. Check out some of our favorites below.

We’ve been looking at anime guys who wear glasses lately, but we haven’t covered them all yet. This time we’re going to show you 10 of our favorite cool looking guys from various genres of anime series. These aren’t your typical male leads who happen to wear spectacles; these are specific types that might not be particularly popular otherwise. They all have great style and personality though, so let’s gets started.

Anime Boys That You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Of.

In a world full of beautiful anime girls, it’s easy to forget about all of those handsome men and boys! But, don’t worry. In honor of all our favorite cute, pretty and handsome anime boys, we thought we would put together a list of just some of our favorites.

These anime boys have stolen our hearts with their charm and good looks – but who is your favorite? (This list includes all types: cool, quiet & collected; funny & flirty; sweet & innocent; as well as bad boys!) Vote on your top five below! What is an Anime Boy? An anime boy is different from an anime man in that he has not hit puberty yet.


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