Autodesk Education

What is the purpose of Autodesk Education

Using Autodesk software, more than 200 million people worldwide are making their ideas real—and you can too. From architecture to engineering, construction to manufacturing, media and entertainment to the military, digital media to software applications—Autodesk has the technology you need to bring your ideas to life and make them matter in the real world. Join us in enabling the future, today.

A history of Autodesk Education:

The Autodesk Education  company was founded by John Walker and his wife Carol Bart. In 1982, John came up with a different version of AutoCAD that could help students learn to use it better. The program allowed students to learn on their own schedule, instead of being tied down to school schedules and lectures. A couple years later, he officially founded Autodesk with funding from venture capitalists. Since then, it has grown into one of today’s top design software companies.

Today, they are still dedicated to providing new tools for new innovators around the world through their education programs. They continue to grow every year and invest in some amazing projects. These projects have included sending virtual reality technology into space! So how can you get involved? Well, we have a few options: If you know anyone that would be interested in using our software, suggest it to them or give them an informational booklet. It will introduce them to what they need and how easily they can be successful when using our products. You can apply directly to an existing Autodesk Education member or join as an associate member yourself.

The benefits of using Autodesk Education:

There are very good Uplift Education content available through Autodesk University or online videos by professors/lecturers or Autodesk YouTube channel among others. The community forum with over 700,000 members is also one of your greatest assets as you will find many experts there who will guide you how to do things properly from scratch. 8. The best part about being an Autodesk student member is its offline capabilities which allows you to learn anywhere without having access to internet connection at all times if necessary. Good range of tools available inside it including parametric drawing tools, design documentation tool, Refit model viewer etc.

All these come at no cost when using Education version except when using Autodesk Education Seek where you may need to pay some amount initially and also per query basis depending on company’s policies in place. Free lunch sessions and breakfast sessions so you can attend those live webinars virtually for free!  Learning does not end once you become a certified user there are forums, wikis and even social media sites dedicated to teaching users new things every day.

The services offered by Autodesk Education:

Autodesk Education provides a range of services to students, faculty and academic institutions in order to provide them with professional design software at no cost. The reason for such a service is that it allows schools to gain access to powerful software which would be far too expensive for any single student or even entire departments without funding.

Another huge benefit is that when school staff trains their students on these programs, they are using industry standard software which gives students an edge over those in other educational institutions who do not have access to such software. This also allows faculty members who have limited time, but with access to these tools can quickly and easily create and improve their curriculum as they see fit.

They also make available expert training from renowned instructors from all over the world so teachers themselves can learn new techniques and methods directly from professionals who use these same programs every day. In short, free software coupled with free expert training opens up a whole new world of possibilities to students, teachers and educators all around.

This program makes higher education more accessible to everyone while opening up doors previously closed due to lack of funding or specific software used by certain majors only. It is especially useful for STEM related majors as many programs rely heavily on computer aided design throughout every phase of each class from designing prototypes in CAD during class projects to creating detailed blueprints during capstone courses near graduation.

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