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Top 5 reasons to work with Capital Premium Finance

Capital Premium Finance is a pleasure to work with because they never let their customers down, they provide financing solutions our customers need, and they treat us with respect. Check out these five reasons why you should consider Capital Premium Finance when looking for financing options.

What does capital premium financing do?

Most people start a business without financing in place. This can be an expensive mistake. Capital Premium Finance allows you to get your business off on the right foot so that you don’t risk everything. Consider these benefits of capital premium financing Capital Premium Financing, What it is and why it Works.

The Capital Premium Finance from lenders like Hooligan Lowey allows business owners to invest in their own success even when credit is tight. This provides much-needed cash for expansion, purchases or unexpected expenses that are a common part of running a small business. On average, we see these capital premium loans totaling up to $150,000 depending on what is being financed.

Capital premium financing allows businesses of all sizes access, rural areas and less-developed regions do not have easy access to traditional banks or other financial institutions for loans and lines of credit, but can still create jobs and new sources of income in areas where few other opportunities exist. Businesses in all stages of development are eligible for capital premium finance.

New start-ups need money to get off on good footing regardless of whether you’re launching your dream idea or paying back past debt. Growth stage companies may be looking for ways to expand and gain market share. Capital Premium Finance, Entrepreneurs who want to sell off some shares of their company could use additional cash too if they find investors willing to buy stock, why shouldn’t they? Regardless of where you stand today, there’s help available through premium finance providers.

To get started, reach out to us today! We understand how different industries operate – just as important as lending expertise, our consultants know how markets change over time and how entrepreneurs must adjust based on those changes. The right funding solution helps you succeed by providing working capital when it’s needed most. Often these funds aren’t readily available from traditional lenders, which mean that many great ideas never materialize into successful businesses. For example, did you know more than 50% of restaurants fail within three years?

Without funding available for opening inventory and operations, many more would end before reaching their third anniversary. Get control of costs associated with emerging technologies and keep up with demand for next generation goods and services by tapping into debt financing options via  premium finance.

For example, a rapidly growing solar energy startup might benefit from flexible borrowing terms so it can secure equipment quickly without risk to future profits while waiting months for venture capitalist investment rounds to close. With capital premium financing, both large and small businesses of all types can realize success. If you’ve been thinking about taking your company to another level, don’t wait. Reach out to Capital Premium Finance today.

Let’s talk about your specific needs and build a plan for funding that works for you. Remember, capital premium loans have NO prepayment penalties no matter when you repay, you will pay interest only on the amount borrowed. You don’t pay any principal until maturity. Investing in yourself and pursuing lifelong dreams shouldn’t be kept waiting for an elusive bank loan approval process or concerns about personal bankruptcy.

What is premium finance insurance?

Capital Premium Finance, also known as private financing, is financing for individuals that provides a lump sum of money upfront. Private financing does not require monthly payments like most loans and mortgages do. This type of loan allows you to pay back all at once, in one single payment, or over a period of time. The lump sum may be used for all sorts of expenses including major repairs, unexpected medical bills or family emergencies.

All you need is a good job history and credit score no collateral required! They’re available 24/7 so when life throws you an unexpected curveball, there’s someone on standby ready to help you pick up the pieces. Their competitive rates can save you hundreds every month. Their terms range from two to ten years, depending on what will fit your budget best.

The money itself can then be used for virtually any purpose you want whether it’s an unexpected emergency or something fun like a vacation! There are many advantages to using premium finance instead of other types of financing: You don’t have to worry about getting approved since they accept almost everyone. All they require is a strong credit score and proof of stable income, no collateral is needed! Available 24/7 means you can get help whenever life throws you a curveball.

You won’t have to worry about being left hanging when there’s an urgent problem at hand because they can help even if it isn’t convenient for them. You can save hundreds each month compared to regular loans and mortgages since their low fees mean lower interest rates. They offer competitive terms ranging from two years up to ten years depending on what works best for your situation. The lack of prepayment penalties means you aren’t penalized just because you need to change things up suddenly before finishing your repayment schedule.

Their customer service team is ready via phone call or email so your questions will always be answered quickly and efficiently by people who know exactly how everything works. With such flexibility along with all these other perks, there’s simply no better way to pay for what matters most to you. So why not use Capital Premium Finance? To learn more and apply today, visit their website.

How do you qualify for premium financing?

It’s as simple as calling us and telling us you want a car. We have instant credit approval, no matter what your current financial situation is. We do not run a credit check when you apply for Kubota Finance with us! Most of our customers get financed within minutes! There is no paperwork required before getting a loan. Just tell us what vehicle you would like to purchase, how much money you are looking for, and we can take care of everything else.


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