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Bear River Mental Health| Offers Diverse Services

Bear River Mental Health

Bear River Mental Health provides comprehensive, professional, mental health services to individuals in Box Elder, Cache and Rich Counties. Patients receive services from a full-time psychologist and part-time counselors, all of whom are Utah licensed professionals and experienced in evidence-based…

Dr. Ludwig Guttmann Neurologist

Ludwig Guttmann

You’ve probably never heard of Ludwig Guttmann, even though he changed the world forever with one event. He was a German-British neurologist who established the Stoke Mandeville Games in 1948, which today have evolved into the Paralympics Games that we…

Why Community Health Choices Matter

Community Health Choices

The Community Health Choices are an important part of your overall health, and it’s time to start making them. Today, however, people have fewer opportunities to interact with one another on a daily basis than they did before especially in…

Associate Health Check by Home Depot

Associate Health Check

Home Depot associates check in at clinics every year to make sure that they’re physically capable of doing their jobs well. They also check for any health issues that might be slowing them down or keeping them from working as…

What Is Esperanza Health Center

Esperanza Health Center

It is a patient-centered, quality driven organization that promotes the health of the community through access to comprehensive, quality health care services Esperanza Health Center serves more than 10,000 patients annually and cares for patients regardless of their ability to…

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