Central Finance

A Brief History of Central Finance

Central Finance Company PLC (CFC) is one of the oldest non-bank financial institutions in Sri Lanka having founded in 1957 as an industrial finance company to provide loans to small and medium-sized industries. Since its inception, CFC has been expanding its financing scope to include consumer finance and real estate finance, among others, and offers a wide range of credit products such as personal loans, vehicle loans, installment purchase finance, etc., under the brand name Central Finance.

What is the central Finance?

In 1957, Central Finance, PLC (Central) was incorporated under local legislation and is a wholly owned subsidiary of NDB Group Holdings AG (NDB). Initially licensed to carry on leasing activities in Sri Lanka, it has expanded its operations over time by developing financing capabilities that are aligned with market and customer needs. Today, it offers a comprehensive range of products and services including lease financing and investment management to both corporate and retail customers. With over 45 years as an independent entity, Central continues to be one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted names in finance due largely to its steadfast commitment to building long-term relationships with both customers and partners.

National Savings Bank and many others. Since then, Central Finance has been developed into a full service financial institution offering banking, leasing and insurance services to corporate and retail customers alike. The name of company was changed from Central Financial Services Limited to Central Finance Company PLC in 2002 as part of new developments.

What does central Finance do: To help meet varying business needs through professional expertise while striving toward sustainable development that adds value, we conduct diverse businesses related to loans, deposits, leasing and safekeeping of money or valuable objects such as gold coins or jewelry according to prevailing regulations under banking laws or other necessary laws thereby achieving our vision statement. A preferred partner towards sustainable personal wealth creation through excellence.

Benefits of central Finance:

From 1957 to present day, Central Finance established its foundations and evolved with time. Although we are one of the oldest non-bank financial institutions in Sri Lanka we pride ourselves on continuously developing to meet customer’s needs over many decades. We have been profitable throughout that time; our profits are re-invested into extending our reach and product offerings.

Our experienced management team, who are specialists in their fields, is committed to providing you with an innovative solution that meets your individual requirements today and well into tomorrow. In addition, our strong relationships with banks and other financial partners help ensure access to additional funding for any project you may wish to undertake. Our mission is always to provide customized services that make it easier for clients like you to do business in today’s competitive market place.

Should we invest money using a regular savings account? Or should we take out a loan? And if so from where? These are some of questions our customers ask every day as they try find ways of borrowing without jumping through hoops or burning cash just sitting there earning no interest at all. Our products are designed to help you solve these challenges, and more. In fact, whatever your requirements when it comes to financing projects and ideasProfessional Finance Company is also a good company of Finance.

How was it Founded? Since 1957, central finance has been making financial dreams come true for thousands of people across Sri Lanka. Throughout those years we’ve never stopped working hard to improve on that vision by finding new methods to serve existing clients better and finding new clients who need what we can offer them.

Future of central Finance:

In future, Central Finance may open their new branches in other parts of Sri Lanka. And also they may provide more services in term of loans and deposits, or they may come up with new products like insurance services, mutual funds and others. It depends on Sri Lankan economic situation, customer demand and overall business performance as well. So we need to wait and see what is going to happen at a later stage. Hope that you enjoyed reading about central Finance Company PLC brief history. If you have any query feels free to ask in comments section below.

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