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The History of Professional Finance Company

Professional Finance Company has been providing debt collection services in the state of Colorado since 1953, and it hasn’t slowed down since then. In fact, the company has been growing consistently each year in terms of revenue and employee count, hitting $10 million in revenue in 2015 and 100 employees in 2016 and those are just the figures publicly available! Today, PFC boasts over 200 employees working out of its Greeley, CO office how did this happen? Read on to find out more about PFC’s history, including some interesting and little-known facts about the firm.

Professional Finance Company’s goals:

The Professional Finance Company main goal when it first opened in 1953 was to provide small-to-medium size companies with a means to secure finances quickly without going through a bank. This was accomplished by providing businesses loans and then collecting on that loan. The business grew into other areas of debt collection as well as mortgages which was another way for small business owners to expand their companies.

In 1999 it officially changed its name from PFC Credit Corporation to Professional Finance Company because they wanted a more professional look and feel to their company. Additionally, after being around for so long, customers were able to recognize them easily by just saying PFC. When someone says PFC you know exactly what they are talking about.

They didn’t want anyone else coming up with similar sounding names that could confuse customers therefore, Professional Finance was born. Finally, their goals now focus mainly on making sure all their employees are happy and enjoying working at PF.

Professional Finance Company They make sure each employee is getting what they need out of life so they can be productive at work while also maintaining balance in every aspect of life such as school or hobbies outside of work. Their second focus is making sure all new accounts set up correctly based off specific guidelines to maximize efficiency across any position at PF. It may seem like an easy thing to do but there have been multiple instances where cases have gotten lost, paperwork wasn’t filed correctly and payment plans weren’t being monitored effectively.

Therefore, when setting up new accounts they make sure every detail is precise including every dollar given out/owed as well as monitoring payments over time to ensure everyone pays on time so PFC doesn’t lose money. Lastly, whenever people call or come into PF seeking information about products or services a representative must be able to answer all questions in order for customers continue doing business with them. Being personable is extremely important at PF and they strive to hire kind people who enjoy interacting with others. If a customer has issues dealing with one employee, chances are they won’t return due to poor communication and professionalism among staff members.

Professional Finance Company Work:

In 1953, Gerald Prentiss and Greg Rogers started up a small collection agency called Prentiss & Rogers. As many new businesses do, they began with one small office in Greeley, CO. The company grew slowly over time to its current size of 12 offices throughout Colorado and Wyoming. In 2013, Prentiss & Rogers changed its name to Professional Finance Company to reflect their more professional appearance and more business-like operations. It is still owned by Gerald Prentiss and Greg Rogers’s descendants who are now in their fifties and sixties.

They intend to keep it family-owned for as long as possible. It took fifteen years from conception until 1980 before he had been promoted to Director at his workplace. At that point he was heading five divisions and approximately 40 people were working under him. Finally, at age 39 he became an executive vice president at the firm where he worked 25 years before becoming president and CEO at age 45 when his old boss retired.

Shortly after starting on his first day as CEO another co-worker became resentful when Bob would not let him take credit for something that Bob had completed himself despite just starting out 3 weeks earlier than Bob. Bob’s superiors at work thought well enough of him though and put both of them on different teams together.

They knew that it would only be a matter of time before Bob discovered what happened and threatened to quit if changes weren’t made. So they were able to put their differences aside and form a good relationship as coworkers should. Thus, he has done well there overall even if there have been some hiccups along the way. That being said, he has aspirations to go into politics once he retires from work but no concrete plans yet about how to accomplish that.

Professional Finance Company today:

As a nationwide debt collection agency, PFC specializes in collecting debt from individuals, small businesses and large corporations. In order to expand its operations, PFC is currently looking to purchase portfolios of consumer and business accounts.  He saw that most people did not take advantage of how important finances were. With professional finance they wanted to put their clients first and help them get out of financial problems no matter what caused them.

When Professional Finance Company was first founded there were not any other companies like it around because they did not think like Mr. Oscar Jackson who created personal finance for families who need fast loan services for whatever reason maybe such as car repairs, house repair or whatever else needed done.

There was also another personal finance loan company called National Financial Services but nothing like professional finance before. There are four divisions within Professional Finance which is accounting department, collections department, and legal department and marketing team.

The accounting department’s main goal is to make sure everything stays up to date including payments of both customers and investors. The collections department wants to make sure all debts getting paid whether they are corporate or individual debts.

Legal department’s job is basically to keep everyone protected and safe while they are working at Professional Finance Company. And lastly marketing team’s goal is just to help promote more clients into becoming a client of  America’s First Finance by creating different advertisements and sending them out across state lines making more people aware of Professional Finance Company.

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