Gaara of the Desert, popularly known as Gaara, is one of the main characters in the series, Naruto. He was born as the son of the Fourth Kazekage and his wife who died at birth with the appearance of Shukaku sealed within him after his father performed the Fūinjutsu to seal the One-Tailed Shukaku into him.


The son of Sunagakure’s Fourth Kazekage and heir to his father’s title, Gaara was born with an extremely powerful and deadly ability that earned him both renown and infamy in equal measure. The villagers of Sunagakure feared him, seeing him as nothing more than a killing machine. Only his older brother, Yashamaru, who had been assigned to keep an eye on him for their father, seemed to be able to approach Gaara without fear. Despite being ostracized by everyone around him,

Yashamaru secretly admired his younger brother’s strength while simultaneously hating himself for never being able to help Gaara through his difficulties; he died soon after imploring him to never give up fighting.

However, when Gaara was four years old, his father sacrificed his life to defeat a group of shinobi who had been hired by a crime syndicate to assassinate Kazekage. Subsequently,Gaarawas left alone and orphaned with no one to care for him as Yashamaru also died soon after their father’s death.

Being deemed a failure by his father and others made Gaara emotionally withdrawn, but he found a form of release after killing Shukaku’s previous jinchūriki. Taking Shukaku into himself via a seal on his abdomen, he gained access to an inhuman amount of sand which he could manipulate for various purposes such as creating gigantic sand hands that crush opponents and building up defenses in battle.



While still a child, Gaara demonstrated great aptitude in manipulating sand and was controlled by Shukaku, a violent deity that has been described as possessing characteristics of both a daimyō (feudal lord) and a nobi (pirate). In Part I, he is unable to control Shukaku’s power or express his feelings. He begins to break away from his darkness after learning how to suppress Shukaku at will.

As an adult, Gaara becomes one of Naruto’s closest friends and allies. Naruto’s influence enables him to be comfortable with who he is without being consumed by darkness; because of their bond and similar backgrounds as unwanted children raised alone by motherly figures, Naruto also inspires loyalty in Gaara.

As a child, Gaara was a lonely figure who was often misunderstood. Shukaku’s influence made him extremely violent and bloodthirsty as well as dangerous to approach. According to Temari, Gaara would kill anyone in his way or anyone who annoyed him.

The only time he ever smiled was when his mother sang to him. Aside from his mother, Yashamaru attempted to be a caring uncle for Gaara; despite that, he failed more often than not in preventing his nephew from acting out against others before dying himself at age 15. In Part I, Gaara is depicted as being silent and aloof, with Tobi being one of few people able to understand him.

Fighting Style:

Gaara fights with a combination of taijutsu and ninjutsu, using his Sand-Sharingan to control sand for offense and defense. His main abilities are in manipulating sand for attacks, along with his special ability to be able to manipulate sand as he pleases even without being in contact with it via Sand Binding Coffin.  Denki kaminari Kazekage puppet is operated by Fuusuke who controls it from the outside, while the inside is a large stockpile of weapons.

Fuusuke will later emerge from within during its last stage. When worn out or nearing defeat, he can enter a human puppet that allows him to regain his physical strength by draining chakra from other individuals through their chakra points.


The primary tool in his arsenal is his unique gourd, filled with sand from his home. As he is from Sunagakure, which specializes in the use of Earth Release techniques that make use of sand, Gaara has complete mastery over-sand. With it, he can do anything from floating away on a vortex of sand to pinning his opponents down for easy capture or killing them instantly by crushing them into pieces with a Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral. This is considered to be one of Akatsuki’s most fearsome abilities.

During a full moon, Denki kaminari sand becomes much stronger, to the point where it can even resist techniques such as Lee’s new powerful version of his Strong Fist. By combining his sand with Lee’s attack, they can create a devastating vortex that not only reduces any resistance to dust but also pulverizes them into nothingness. The massive amount of sand mixed with chakra is so strong that no defense can withstand it. Also during a full moon, he takes on an altered version of Shukaku’s form, which is white and has one red eye while still retaining certain features from Shukaku like its claws and teeth.

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