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Gon Freecss (Japanese: ゴン・フリークス, Hepburn: Gon Furīkusu) is the son of the famous Hunter Ging Freecss, and the main protagonist of the manga series Hunter × Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi, as well as its 2011 anime adaptation.

Gon’s Background:

Gon Freecss was born and raised in Whale Island. When he was three years old, his biological father Ging left him and his mother. Since then, Gon has lived with Leorio and become a good friend of Kurapika, who also lives on Whale Island.

Although Gon’s mother is absent for most of his childhood, she later comes back into Gon’s life to save him from an assassin sent by Netero during his first Hunter Exam. Gon’s mother is killed during their escape. Gon vows to take revenge on Netero for her death, but never gets a chance since Netero dies before Gon can kill him.

After graduating from high school at age 17, Gon decides to leave home in order to follow his own path as a hunter like his father before him. Gon wants to be just like Ging and decides that he will accomplish that goal by becoming a licensed Hunter so that he can meet all kinds of people and learn more about what it means to be human.

Gon Freecss behind his friends, Leorio and Kurapika, and travels to Yorknew City in order to take part in the 287th Hunter Exam. Gon meets Killua Zoldyck along the way while traveling through a forest near Zaban City. Killua is being chased by Hisoka due to having stolen some of Hisoka’s money earlier on when they were staying at an inn together after Gon had offered him some of his food without asking if he could have some too.

Killua asks Gon if he would help him out because Hisoka had been chasing after him ever since they met up again after parting ways several days earlier when they had both taken part in taking down a Phantom Troupe member named Spider.

Gon agrees to help Killua and tells him that he is heading to Yorknew City anyway. The two of them make a deal that if Gon helps Killua get rid of Hisoka, then Killua will accompany Gon to Yorknew City where they will both take part in the Hunter Exam. They head off towards Zaban City where Gon thinks they might find someone who knows how to contact Hisoka or knows how strong he really is. Along the way, Gon and Killua encounter Kite, another applicant for the exam whose main goal is to defeat Netero, one of which happens to be a friend of Gon’s father Ging.

Gon and Killua manage to convince Kite to join them on their journey after telling him that they are going to Yorknew City. Roronoa Zoro  Once they arrive in Zaban City, Gon spots Hisoka leaving a restaurant and quickly follows him with Killua trailing behind. Gon manages to sneak up on Hisoka from behind while he is talking to himself about wanting something sweet and stabs him in the back with a knife. However, instead of blood coming out of Hisoka’s wound, candy pours out onto Gon’s hand much to his surprise.

Is Gon Freecss a boy?

No, Gon is a boy. Gon Freecss’s gender was confirmed in 1999 with volume 15 of Hunter × Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi and Madhouse Studios. Furthermore, Gon is also represented as a male in most merchandise related to Hunter x Hunter such as action figures and video games. However, all other official art that was released before 1999 or after 2009 (and most of it) depicts Gon either without genitals or with an ambiguous body that can be considered neither male nor female.

In some cases, he’s drawn with long hair covering his body. His character design has been updated over time to appear more masculine but his defining features (twin-tails and thin build) have not changed significantly; a fact that adds uncertainty to his canonical gender representation. Does Gon know Killua? Does Gon like Killua? Do they fight?

Who wins? How old are Gon and Killua? How tall are Gon and Killua? What age is Gon at the beginning of the Hunter X Hunter 2011 anime series? What age is Gon at end of the Hunter X Hunter 2011 anime series? What age is Gon at beginning of the 2015 movie Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge? What age is Gon at end of the 2015 movie Hunter X Hunter?

What is Gons power?

When God was born, he had no Nen. Instead, due to his natural affinity for Nen, he was born with an advanced form of Ten. His aura is so powerful that it can be felt by other people and has even been mistaken for a similar type of power such as a conjurer’s. Gon’s aura manifests itself in his eyes as they change color depending on what kind of power he is using; blue when using normal Ten and pink when using GyoDuring his fight with Hanzo, it was revealed that Gon is capable of utilizing more than one type of Nen at once.

He also seems skilled in Hatsu abilities seeing as how he learned kokako(shoot) and ryu (dragon) easily after just practicing them for a short time . Gon is also very proficient in hand-to-hand combat, easily beating several members of The Phantom Troupe while only using basic techniques. Gon also has great physical strength despite his small size; he could crush rocks with ease and knock out opponents larger than himself with little effort. It should be noted however that Gon tends to rely too much on raw strength rather than technique or strategy during fights.

Gon Freecss is quite tenacious and will relentlessly attack until his opponent falls unconscious or surrenders, usually ending up battered and bruised himself in the process because of his lack of experience. Despite all these skills, Gon still needs further training before becoming a full-fledged Hunter.

Is Gon Don Freecss?

Gon Freecss
                                    Gon Freecss

Who is Gon Don Freecss? What is Gon Don Freecss wiki? Gon Don Freecs wiki, he has an average weight of 57 kg (125 lbs). He was born in Whale Island, Four Towns Village Whale Island Mainland as a descendant of a bloodline which share common genes with the universe’s strongest being. He doesn’t have parents and he lives alone with his Grandfather after being abandoned by Gang who originally took care of him.

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Who is Gon mother?

Gon Freecss Killua Zaoldyeck is born as a child prodigy who begins training in assassination and martial arts at a very young age to become one of the best assassins in history. He was trained by his foster father, Silva. Killua is considered to be one of the main protagonists in HUNTER × HUNTER and one of Gon’s best friends.

His last name, Zaoldyeck, means Beloved Last Son (青木 子 的 王子 的). Killua loves his family deeply; he always wears beads around his wrist that belonged to his mother because he believes her spirit lives within them. At first, Killua and Gon are mutually hostile toward each other because they feel threatened by their similarities.

However, after they start to understand each other better, they become good friends. Killua has black hair and dark brown eyes with an X-shaped scar on his forehead given to him by his brother Illumi. Like most members of the Zoldyck Family, he is a natural-born assassin who possesses incredible physical prowess from birth due to extensive training from childhood in order to fulfill an unknown mission for Milluki Zoldyck.

However, after meeting Gon during their time together as participants in Greed Island, Killua becomes more interested in becoming stronger so that he can protect those dear to him rather than for money or power alone. In fact, it is not until Kurapika’s arrival that Killua decides to leave his home permanently with Gon. In spite of being raised as an assassin, Killua only uses his abilities when absolutely necessary, even going out of his way to avoid fights if possible.

After having spent several years living peacefully with Gon Freecss and Leorio, however, he loses much of his initial hesitation about fighting others and becomes far more willing to engage opponents if it will save someone close to him. As such, Killua has become just as capable a fighter as any other member of the Zoldyck Family despite never having been trained in Nen before meeting Gon.

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