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Healthcare Finance Direct | The Future of Financing

Healthcare Finance Direct is the future of financing. An innovative technology platform, Healthcare Finance Direct allows healthcare providers to offer pay-over-time options to every single patient, regardless of their credit score or ability to pay cash up front. By expanding the provider’s payment options, Healthcare Finance Direct helps providers of all sizes increase their bottom line profits and be more profitable, efficient and sustainable than ever before.

What Healthcare Finance Direct Is:

The Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD) is a  platform that allows healthcare providers to offer innovative pay-over-time options to every single patient. HFD is helping healthcare organizations across America provide patients with a better way to buy healthcare products and services one that’s more affordable, convenient, and tailored to their needs.

For example, as hospitals move towards value-based care models in an effort to reduce cost but maintain quality, Finance Direct is able to accommodate these financial changes by making it easy for providers to offer financing options across a broader range of service offerings.

This kind of convenience is great news not only for customers but also businesses; offering a variety of financing options opens doors and builds loyalty at every level. And beyond boosting your bottom line, offering a variety of payment plans supports your mission as an organization since your practices will directly impact positive outcomes both financially and medically.

Healthcare Finance Direct If you work within health care, there’s no doubt that you want to see a healthier world. But how do you balance giving back without compromising quality? By choosing how people finance their medical products and services, you give them power over how often they access critical treatments or procedures. Imagine what that means for disease prevention down the road.

Healthcare Finance Direct helps providers offer whatever payment methods best fit each patient’s unique needs and preferences. One size does not fit all, so offering flexible payment options is essential in today’s competitive healthcare market. Different patients want different things when it comes to payment, and providers that can adapt are more likely to succeed.

Consider that 80% of U.S. healthcare spending is by people with chronic conditions (i.e., multiple or recurring illnesses). While many individuals want to pay for their care in full, others want smaller payments spread over an extended period of time meaning providers must now recognize a wide variety of financial options in addition to standard credit cards and cash deposits.  Finance Direct makes it simple for any provider, large or small, urban or rural, public or private, to offer as many forms of financing as they choose.

Who Benefits From Healthcare Finance Direct?

For healthcare providers, Healthcare Finance Direct helps to attract patients and improve cash flow. According to a report published by Princeton University and Lehigh University, 65% of Americans with health insurance are avoiding or delaying necessary medical care because they cannot afford it. Their findings also show that people without health insurance go without necessary medical care at even higher rates than those with health insurance, with more than 60% skipping appointments due to cost. And those who delay or go without care often have more costly and complicated treatment down the road.

For example, a simple broken arm can turn into an expensive surgery if left untreated for several weeks. As a result, hospitals see larger payments on emergency services than basic services like doctor visits and physical therapy. Central Finance, intends to help prevent these situations from happening in hopes of improving patient outcomes while reducing hospital costs.

Health 2 Incentives acts as a middle man between consumers, banks and healthcare providers. This makes them much more scalable since businesses do not need to be built from scratch and there is no financial investment needed from either side in order to start generating revenue.

No specific personal data is collected during transactions. H2i never holds customer’s credit card information; however, customer information is exchanged amongst participating parties during transactions so H2i would know what customer purchased what product or service.

This does not mean H2i knows your name unless you choose to provide us with your name directly when you sign up for our email list. If H2i were hacked, we believe that anyone would still only get your email address and nothing else due to how we build software systems. Payment Processing, A company called Stripe handles payment processing via bank transfer/Ach transfers out of Braintree, which recently acquired PayPal’s backend payment processing infrastructure.

How It Works:

finance directs allows patients to pay for medical procedures over time through simple, no-hassle payments. For example, if you’re loved one needs a hip replacement; you can agree to make a monthly payment until they have saved enough money to cover 100% of their procedure. In exchange for that monthly payment, you receive a discount on their surgery—and as long as they are making their payments on time, there’s no risk to you.

If your loved one can’t make a payment (or misses just one), all you will owe is your portion of that last payment–and if even that isn’t possible at the time it’s due (you had an unexpected loss or something), you won’t be financially liable for any additional financial damage. It’s like insurance.

Most importantly, it opens up opportunities for patients that might not otherwise be available. After all, even just one hospital visit can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars–for someone without proper insurance or savings, receiving necessary surgery could mean taking out a loan with no guarantees that they’ll ever be able to repay it.

For example: Have you ever had major dental work done? Unless you have good dental insurance which most people do not, you probably paid for at least part of your procedure over time. Health care is no different except what used to take years will now take weeks! With  finance direct, everyone has equal opportunity for quality surgery and treatment–at rates everyone can actually afford.

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