In his introduction, Hiei first sets himself apart from the other main characters in two ways: his powers and his mission. While most of the main characters have either psychic or demonic abilities (or both), Hiei’s ability to control the air around him makes him unique among them. In addition, while Yusuke Urameshi, Kurama, and Kuwabara are all on quests to save someone—Yusuke’s sister, Kurama’s mother, and Kuwabara’s grandfather—Hiei initially has no intention of helping anyone but himself.

Background Story

Kurama told Hiei to wait for him after he departed from Yusuke’s team, as Kurama felt that they would meet again someday. A few months later, while on a hunt, Hiei came across a member of a Bandit Gang, Gokumonki, possessing multiple bodies. He killed him with his Zanpakutō (though he pretended to lose) in front of a Human boy who was with him. He saved both their lives by sucking up all of Gokumonki’s poison which had been released into the air when Hiei beheaded him.

The boy thanked Hiei, who seemed not to care. Shortly afterward, when two Snake yōkai were about to attack both Hiei and a young woman named TsubakiNakatsukasa, who was in great danger because she had been playing her flute on top of a high mountain, he quickly dealt with them.

She asked how he knew that she was in danger even though he could not see or hear her music. He explained that as one who uses his eyes as his primary senses above all others I have trained myself to perceive things my other senses don’t.

Personality & Skills


Hiei started life as a street punk, desperate to survive in an unforgiving city. He’s quick on his feet, armed with supernatural powers, and tougher than a two-dollar steak. He also has a knack for solving puzzles that help him maneuver through tight situations (like fighting evil).

Hiei’s personality changes over time. He starts strong but angry – not caring about anything other than himself. Over time, however, he begins to grow as a person – becoming more considerate and thoughtful toward others. Although he remains an unfeeling wretch at times; it’s pretty clear that Hiei has grown up quite a bit through  =out YuYu Hakusho‘s story.

Hiei often remains quite aloof from his friends, especially Kuwabara (who’s a bit slow on the uptake sometimes). Although he does develop some healthy friendships over time, Hieicontinues to keep others at arm’s length – despite growing as a person. He’s fiercely loyal to those he cares about, though; which is evidenced by his time fighting alongside Yusuke Urameshi during battle. This tendency lends itself well to Hiei’s iconic mask: made with a single eyehole so that you can never see what he’s thinking.

Battle Style & Techniques

While Hiei’s primary style is taijutsu, he also uses a variety of other techniques. Like Kurama, Hiei specializes in pyrokinesis-type techniques; his flames can reach extremely high temperatures (hot enough to melt iron) and leave purple burn marks on opponents that are so hot they burn through Genkai’s superior healing abilities.

He can produce from his body not only fire but also ice in large quantities. Akamaru  can even redirect attacks back at their source with great accuracy by freezing them (as he did with Yusuke’s Spirit Sword). He has also demonstrated a technique called Hell Fire Dragon where he inflates his left hand into a dragon head shape and then breathes out an enormous amount of high-temperature flames which cause gigantic explosions around him.

Hiei has also demonstrated a fighting style in which he uses his opponents’ strength against them. He grips his enemy with one hand and then delivers a series of devastating blows, causing internal injuries and/or breaking bones. This technique enables Hiei to use an opponent’s full weight as well as strength against them.

However, Hiei’s greatest weapon is his body itself. The Black Dragon possesses superhuman levels of speed, reflexes, agility, endurance, flexibility, and coordination; he can move at such speeds that others appear to be moving in slow motion to him (as shown when Kuwabara couldn’t see Hiei move when Yusuke stabbed him with Spirit Sword), making him almost impossible to hit.

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