A naturally talented but timid young boy, IzukuMidoriya has always dreamed of being a hero, despite being born without a Quirk (a special super power that most heroes possess). ButIzukuMidoriya’slife takes an unexpected turn when he meets All Might, the greatest hero of all time, who reveals to him the secret of One For All, the world’s greatest Quirk! This officially licensed My Hero Academia T-shirt features art from My Hero Academia, the superhero manga and anime series created by KoheiHorikoshi.

Class 1A:

Class 1A is basically a melting pot of students and their quirks, with each of them bringing their own unique abilities to class. While some are capable of handling themselves without support, others like IzukuMidoriya (who isn’t yet able to use his quirk at all) could really benefit from a mentor or role model who can help them practice using their quirk.

The mentor system in My Hero Academia provides unique opportunities for individual growth but also creates new bonds between characters that drive many aspects of Class 1A’s adventures as well as its story overall. It’s common for Mentor/Student pairs to develop into a close bond over time, with Mina Ashido being one such example.

Class 1A is an interesting class to examine in terms of character development and relationships because its members have such unique quirks. While some may have very similar quirks, each has their own way of using them and thinking about them.

Their differences are what make Class 1A a well-rounded class capable of taking on so many roles when they finally enter U.2: High school life – Third Paragraph: Mina Ashido and IzukuMidoriya provide a great example of how friendships can be built through shared experiences, even if they’re starting out with different goals in mind. At first, Mina isn’t sure she wants to be IzukuMidoriya’s mentor because his approach to heroics could put him at risk.



The world of My Hero Academia is a place where 80% of humanity possesses Quirks, a genetic mutation that manifests within a person at random. Midoriya has always been interested in heroes; however, his true passion began when he was still young. His mother and father were brutally murdered by a villain. Though IzukuMidoriya is safe from such consequences due to quirks being passed genetically, his desire to be just like his role model and idol All Might take hold even stronger after witnessing such events. So strong, in fact, that it made him create a hero identity for himself based on All Might’s appearance and alter ego—Deku.


Izukumidoriya is a quite diligent and strong-willed student, being extremely (and sometimes scarily) enthusiastic about topics related to heroes. His dream drives him to try and be a selfless hero, which often leads him to do more than he thinks he can or should do. This lands IzukuMidoriya in trouble as he tries to protect people who cannot save themselves; as shown in his battles with KatsukiBakugo in school, where he received several injuries including broken bones.


Let’s take a look at what each of our characters is capable of. Obviously, Katsuki has control over explosives and probably some type of telekinesis, but what else do we know about him? Not too much, aside from his fighting style is very similar to Kaminari’s (and Iida’s). Other than that, we know he can manipulate explosions through his hands and cause large shockwaves with his kicks. He also seems to have a volatile personality, which could come into play during combat. It will be fun to see how he stacks up against someone with powers like Deku’s!

At first glance, anime quotes  doesn’t seem to have any visible powers. He uses his keen intellect and superior battle strategies in order to achieve victory. We know that he has a quirk, but we don’t know what it is yet. One thing that I find incredibly interesting about Deku’s quirk is how it might effect his fighting style.

He seems like a very grounded fighter, using whatever he can to get an advantage in combat. Because of his Quirk though, I wonder if he’ll end up having a more aerial style of combat than normal. Perhaps he could use quirks similar to Bakugo or Kaminari?

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