Maritime Lawyer New Orleans

Maritime Lawyer New Orleans

If you’re looking for an experienced maritime lawyer in New Orleans, it can be hard to find one who can handle every aspect of your case from beginning to end. Whether you need a maritime lawyer to help settle cargo disputes or need an oil spill attorney, several firms specialize in maritime law and the different kinds of cases involved in this area of practice. Here’s how to find the right maritime lawyer New Orleans area has to offer.

Why Do You Need a Maritime Lawyer?

Most people aren’t aware that a maritime lawyer is different from a general lawyer. Unlike a general practice attorney, maritime lawyers deal with federal laws and statutes, including The Jones Act (The Death on the High Seas Act); The Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation; Federal Maritime Commission; US Coast Guard; Maritime Transportation Security Act; and Coastal Shipping. It is easy to see Construction Accident Attorney why you need someone who specializes in maritime law when transacting business or legal matters that involve any of these organizations.

Therefore, if you are planning to have goods shipped or exported overseas, or have goods transported in foreign waters such as on rivers, lakes, bays, or seas, you will most likely be dealing with a marine lawyer at some point during your transaction.

Let’s examine a few real-life situations that illustrate why you need a maritime lawyer new Orleans to represent you. First, let’s say that you are planning to invest in a business opportunity that involves shipping goods overseas. You will most likely be dealing with one or more entities including an insurance agency, an intermodal transportation service, a freight forwarder, and a U.S. Customs broker as part of your deal; however, your contract may also involve US Customs issues (including providing bond), laws and regulations related to registration of foreign commerce securities and transshipment and import-export clearance of hazardous cargo, etc. Who better to have representing you than someone who has extensive knowledge regarding all applicable rules and regulations when trading goods overseas?

How to Know When You Need A Maritime Lawyer

The knowledge and skills of a maritime lawyer are often necessary when dealing with ocean-based industries. Maritime law is complex and it’s important to make sure you have someone on your side who knows how it works. If you need a maritime lawyer in New Orleans, certain signs should alert you to their necessity. You may not be aware that some lawyers do not specialize in maritime law, meaning they might not be familiar with everything involved in handling a case like yours. Since clients generally hire maritime lawyers for only one specific matter, finding an attorney who specializes in your field is essential for getting proper representation for your needs.

Here are some signs that you might need a maritime lawyer in New Orleans to help with your case:

You operate in or near water – Whether you operate ships, fishing vessels, or other businesses near large bodies of water, you could be at risk for maritime law violations. If another vessel crashes into yours, for example, you may have legal issues to deal with. Regardless of whether your business is on land or not, however, if your company deals with transporting materials via ship or plane you must have experience in maritime law on your side.

How to Find The Right Maritime Lawyer For Your Case

If you have a maritime case, you must hire a maritime lawyer. Maritime law is an entirely separate system of laws that covers everything from shipwrecks to sea salvors. If your case involves shipping or even if it doesn’t, don’t settle for any old attorney. You want someone who knows how to handle maritime cases. Use these five tips for finding a Maritime lawyer new Orleans who is right for your case.

When you’re searching for a maritime lawyer, ask around to see if any of your friends or family have been in similar situations. If they have, you might be able to get recommendations for specific lawyers and firms that they used. If no one you know has had a maritime case, try reaching out to industry groups like Merchant Marine Associations.

They should be able to point you in a good direction for reputable lawyers who can handle your case. Always make sure that maritime law is even applicable to your case before you hire anyone, however.

Other Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Hiring A Maritime Lawyer

Maritime lawyers specialize in maritime law and can handle a variety of cases including transport disputes, international corporate marine law problems, and matters about agreements between two or more parties. Maritime lawyers work for law firms that usually involve work on a contingency basis. This means that these lawyers only get paid when they win your case. Most law firms will provide you with an initial retainer which is your deposit that guarantees their legal services for your case. Maritime lawyer new Orleans makes it much easier to find one who fits your needs by considering the following ways

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