Misato katsuragi

Misato katsuragi

In Neon Genesis Evangelion, the young Misato Katsuragi serves as the operations director at NERV, the paramilitary organization tasked with combating the existential threat of the Angels. When we first meet Misato Katsuragi, she has been assigned to watch over and protect Shinji Ikari, who has been summoned to Tokyo-3 to pilot Evangelion Unit-01 against the third Angel, Sachiel. While she initially intimidates him with her brash demeanor and strong sexual energy, they quickly develop an intimate bond that grows with each new Angel attack.

Who was Misato?

Misato katsuragi
                                                             Misato katsuragi

One of Rei’s most interesting characteristics is that she was born in Germany to a German mother and a Japanese father. Misato always felt like an outsider throughout her life – and it turns out she’s got good reason to feel that way. According to Hideaki Anno himself, Misato Katsuragi also carries some of his own personal history in her back story.

As a teenager he found himself estranged from his family due to his own budding career as an artist. Although Anno has said he was never abused or unhappy at home he just felt like leaving, Misato Katsuragishows some clear signs of being abandoned by her father and left largely to fend for herself as a child.

Some other things about Misato’s background become apparent through her interactions with GendoIkari. Her disdain for NERV’s Commander-in-Chief seems to stem at least in part from her father. In a flashback scene in Episode 16, we see Misato observing as a young girl while her father says goodbye to his employer (NERV’s founder).

The two seem to be on less than friendly terms; indeed in many scenes where Gendo and Misato interact it seems clear she is speaking to him as an employee would speak to an employer rather than a family member would speak to their parent. In other words, they appear more like coworkers than anything else.

What did Misato do?

One of my favorite characters in anime is Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion. She comes across as an emotionless, monotone workaholic with a penchant for cigarettes and alcohol. She can come off as cold and rude to others, but that’s how she approaches everything—even when trying to be friendly.

But I also believe that it’s easy to see through her sarcasm and figure out her true intentions. She cares deeply about her friends, sometimes more than she cares about herself. And that’s pretty cool… because why shouldn’t we care more about our friends than ourselves?

I think Misato Katsuragi’s selflessness is one of her most admirable qualities. She believes in her friends and helps them out without asking for anything in return. And that’s something I really wish I could emulate in my own life. So if you ever find yourself watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, or any other anime or TV show for that matter, make sure to pay attention to how people treat each other because they can often show you a lot about human relationships.

The final chapter in the life of Misato Katsuragi

The final chapter in the life of Misato Katsuragi—EVA fan favorite from Neon Genesis Evangelion—can be found in her spin-off manga: EVANGELION: THE LITTLE EVA STORIES. In addition to being an operations director at NERV,  Kisuke Urahara is also an avid motorcycle and video game enthusiast.

She frequently drives her Harley Davidson down to Las Vegas for gaming conventions and competitions; one of these excursions leads to a fateful encounter with Shinji and Asuka. Though Misato Katsuragi has a fearsome reputation among new employees, those who know her well know that she has a kind heart and enjoys looking after others.

This story takes place during what would have been between episodes 22 and 23 of Evangelion, showing us how Misato spends her free time when not working at NERV.


Misato Katsuragi – Fictional Character from Neon Genesis Evangelion Series by Gainax: Misato Katsuragi is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise created by Gainax. She is most famous for being one of two female characters in a male-dominated cast (the other being Asuka Langley Soryu).

Misato Katsuragi makes her first appearance in Episode 2 of Neon Genesis Evangelion as a supporting character; she becomes more prominent later on and continues to be so throughout the series. As the main character in Rebuild of Evangelion, she plays an important role.


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