The 10 Best Sasori Anime To Watch

Sasori, the Red Sand was an S-rank missing-nin from Sunagakure Puppet Brigade and a member of Akatsuki who served as Orochimaru spy in their ranks before defecting.

Why did Sasori turn evil?

In Sasori own words, he turned evil because he wanted to learn everything about his art and gain a reputation as one of the best puppeteers in history. There was more to it than that, though. Having been neglected by everyone from birth, he had a deep-seated need for attention and recognition; when someone told him that no one would ever take him seriously if he couldn’t defeat his enemies himself, it was enough to push him over the edge. He then left Sunagakure in search of power—and found Orochimaru, who promised to make him stronger than anyone else.

Sasori then joined Akatsuki, where he made many allies and finally gained the fame he’d always craved. But even with all that, it wasn’t enough: after spending so much time around people like Itachi Uchiha (who were too strong for him to beat), Sasori became determined to kill them all and become the strongest on his own terms.

This caused him to grow increasingly arrogant, culminating in an attempt on Deidara’s life after being called weak. This led to Deidara leaving Akatsuki and Sasuke killing him offscreen during their battle at Kannabi Bridge shortly before Naruto defeated Pain. What are some other sasori anime? : Sasori Gaiden is based on a novel written by Narita Ryohgo, which explores Sasori’s past prior to joining Akatsuki.

His body is taken back to Sunagakure by Chiyo where she makes preparations to revive him using a forbidden technique that requires sacrificing her own life. The technique succeeds but due to Hiruko tampering with Sasori’s body, he becomes immortal unless he receives a lethal blow every three days. Due to his new condition, Sasori starts feeling lonely and he can’t find a reason to keep on living. When he encounters a young boy named Shin, who reminds him of his old self, Sasori decides to live in order to protect him. What are some good anime? For starters, you should watch all four seasons of Naruto, which is where Sasori first appears.

The show follows him and his partner Deidara throughout their adventures with Akatsuki. You can also check out Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which features characters from both series in new adventures set years after Naruto’s final fight with Sasuke. While there isn’t much material outside of those two shows yet, you’ll probably want to read the manga if you’re looking for something more substantial. The manga is still ongoing, with 20 volumes published as of January 2018. The series is pretty long and has a lot of great fights, but you might want to start from volume 8 and read in order from there if you’re looking for something shorter.

What are some Sasori anime movies? Sasori has appeared in two Naruto movies: Naruto Shippūden Bonds and Naruto Shippūden  Inheritors of the Will of Fire. Both are action movies that focus on other characters besides him, although he does play a big role in both films. If you’re looking for something more focused on him, try watching his backstory film Sasori Gaiden mentioned above.

Who was Sasori in love with?


It is hard to say who exactly he was in love with but from what we could gather, he did tell his parents that Chiyo would inherit his left eye. However, there were no feelings of love attached to it. Instead, he used it as a means of making sure she would live after death so that his will and ideas could be put into motion through her.

It also seemed to be something that he knew even as a child. This can indicate two things: First, it’s possible that Chiyo fell in love with him first before he did with her and second, they might have both been attracted to each other because they had similar ideals but didn’t show actual romantic affection until later when they grew up.

At some point after returning to Akatsuki HQ, Zetsu informed Tobi about Sasori’s demise. Tobi proceeded to remove all traces of Sasori from his quarters while musing about how everything had gone according to plan despite Sasuke Uchiha’s interference. Who killed Sasori?: In Part II, Jiraiya mentioned that he killed Sasori (in reference to Jiraiya killing Orochimaru). How did Naruto defeat Deidara?: The fight between Naruto and Deidara took place in mid-air due to Deidara wanting time for a last-minute switch between modes on his explosive clay artwork.

What gender is Sasori?

Gon Freecss There is no information on whether or not Sasori is a male or female. However, there are scenes of him as a child who has a female figure. When he saw her naked (of whom he thought was his mother), he stated that she looked like a man. This leads to believe that Sasori’s true gender is actually male, but his upbringing and personality have caused him to think and act like a woman. It should be noted that in the manga version of part 1, it shows only one time when Deidara referred to him as him instead of her.

Sasori can use both water and fire release techniques. He can also use earth release techniques; however these were only used in conjunction with his puppets. He also used lightning release techniques; though these were only ever used by Chiyo controlling one of his puppets from afar. In addition to releasing techniques, Sasori could control a large number of puppets made from humans or animals using chakra threads attached to their bodies.

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