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Summit Professional Education Expands Across the Nation

Summit Professional Education is a national leader in providing high quality continuing education workshops for allied health and special education professionals. Since 1997, Summit has been focused on continuously improving its educational content, techniques and technology to meet not only our customer’s needs but also ensure regulatory compliance.

The resulting expansion of our program across additional regions of North America is a natural extension of our commitment to excellence and professionalism. We want to make sure that every professional we serve gets access to state-of-the-art continuing education while maintaining their license or certification with minimal inconvenience during one of life’s biggest events.

Summit Professional Education staff of childbirth educators and doulas is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Summit’s Childbirth Educator Certification Courses prepare parents for success by offering numerous ways to study including, online lectures, assessments & exams, printable flashcards & video reviews.

Summit partners with school districts worldwide because we Care. Summit Professional Education believes all children deserve a chance to shine regardless of race, ability or socio-economic background. As such, Summit launched TED Talks Transcribing Service in March 2015 which offers companies nationwide an opportunity to have any TED talk transcribed into text-to-speech audio format plus have captions created from live streams or prerecorded videos. This service gives companies who may be unable to afford expensive closed captioning solutions an inexpensive way to include everyone on their team no matter what challenges they face.

There’s always something to learn and we’ll help you keep learning throughout your entire life. That is our promise. The Summit Professional  Offers 100% money back guarantee on everything in our catalog.

We certainly hope so, because since day one has been teaching people everywhere how to improve themselves, expand their knowledge base and set goals they knew they could reach by achieving greater heights than before.

Find out how you can join Summit as an Instructor

As our popularity increases, we are looking for instructors for new workshops. If you have expertise in a particular area, contact us to be considered as an instructor. As a Summit Professional Education, you’ll get paid to share your knowledge with other professionals who need your experience and insight. In addition to helping people learn about important topics and concepts that can improve their professional lives, being an instructor also provides a solid source of extra income and supplemental business revenue each workshop pays $300 in addition to reimbursements for travel expenses.

You may find that it’s easy to build a teaching career on top of what you’re already doing! As an experienced provider of online continuing education courses, Summit Professional Education has plenty of resources available to help build or enhance your teaching skills and make sure every student leaves your classes ready to go back out into their communities having learned something valuable.

And if you don’t teach online? No problem! We provide detailed training on how to make each class effective while still keeping it simple so you can focus on effectively conveying information rather than worrying about unnecessary bells and whistles. Just because is online doesn’t mean it’s impersonal. Even though some of our students are taking a course at their own convenience, they will feel connected to you and appreciate your dedication to sharing knowledge that can benefit them in their careers. Being a part of Summit means connecting with people from all over the world on interesting topics.

Advantages of Summit As An Instructor

At Summit, you’ll feel respected as a teacher, As Summit continues to grow, and there are more opportunities to join our team. Teachers who work directly with Summit enjoy excellent pay structures, great benefits packages, flexible schedules and support whenever you need it. Every year Summit sponsors regional conferences around the country, bringing Spear Education together face-to-face where they can network and connect.  Summit understands how much effort teachers put into making each class informative and helpful. Summit prides itself on providing personal one-on-one attention when necessary.


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