TanjiroKamado, or Tanjiro for short, is the main protagonist in KoyoharuGotouge’s manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. In the world of the series, there are people known as Demon Slayers who use weapons known as Sacred Treasures to fight demons and save people from their corrupting influence. TanjiroKamado is a young boy who lives in one of the most remote parts of Japan, on the island known as Kyushu, and wants nothing more than to live out his life in peace with his mother and older sister Yukine.

The early years:

Tanjiro was raised by his parents, who were skilled archers. He had little interest in learning archery but enjoyed swordsmanship. However, at age six TanjiroKamado was abducted by bandits while on an errand to deliver yams and his right arm was cut off as punishment. Despite losing one of his arms, Tanjiro escaped with his life and returned home to find that his parents had died. He then resolved to train himself in both archery and swordsmanship so that he could exact revenge on those who killed his family.

The family tragedy:

One day, he returns home from school to find his mother murdered in front of their house and his little sister missing. Before Tanjiro can call for help, someone knocks him unconscious and leaves him at death’s door. However, TanjiroKamado manages to survive only to wake up naked on an island he has never seen before. There, he meets a strange man named KaguyaShinomiya who has decided to make Tanjiro into his apprentice so that they might hunt demons together.

Although reluctant at first, Tanjiro eventually agrees when he realizes that whatever fate awaits him on that island will not be as cruel as letting his mother’s murder go unpunished. Thus begins TanjiroKamado’s days as a demon slayer alongside Kaguya.

TanjiroKamado (鴉門灯次郎KamadoTanjirō) is one of the main protagonists and deuteragonist in KoyoharuGotouge’s manga series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was abandoned by his mother and later adopted by Genkaku after being nearly killed by demons. Now he travels with Kaguya trying to find his little sister but soon discovers that he has powers that allow him to kill demons in various ways.

Training with his father:


Kimetsu no Yaiba follows TanjiroKamado, son of Kyoshirou, who was defeated by a demon. They go on an adventure with their friends to get stronger and defeat demons that threaten their lives. They battle to protect their village from these evil beings that threaten everything they have come to know and love. In order to do so, they train hard so they can grow stronger.

Kimetsu no Yaiba follows TanjiroKamado as he trains with his father, his master, and his friends. He grows stronger every day in order to defeat these evil beings that threaten everything he has come to know and love. In order to do so, they train hard so they can grow stronger.Tanjiro Kamado works tirelessly to not only get stronger physically but mentally as well. This training helps him focus and make good decisions under pressure which will help him accomplish everything he sets out to do.

Starting as an apprentice:

In Kimetsu no Yaiba, TanjiroKamado starts his journey as an apprentice of his father’s friend. His master teaches him to work hard and fight against demonic beings called oni. The apprenticeship phase of one’s career is both physically and mentally grueling, though it often plays an important role in shaping one’s character, philosophies, and skills. To be successful in your own business you need to be smart, hardworking, and willing to learn from those more experienced than you. Take time to observe other successful entrepreneurs and get some mentorship while you’re starting out—you’ll learn so much!

Becoming a full-fledged demon slayer:

This realization was what separated Tanjiro from his comrades, and turned him into one of the series’ central characters. Like most adolescents, Toga Himiko at first did not want to be involved in anything that could get him in trouble. He tended to rely on others more than himself.

However, even though he lacked confidence in himself, he often tried to help others when they were in danger, such as when he witnessed a young girl being harassed by thugs. His pleas for mercy only enraged them, which led to him becoming caught up in their violence as well. However, while under attack from the thugs, it was then that TanjiroKamado saw all his friends transformed into demons before his eyes – something that spurred him into accepting his destiny as a demon slayer.

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