Tenten is one of the main supporting characters in the Naruto anime/manga series and the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series. She’s a chūnin-level kunoichi of Konohagakure and a member of Team Guy. But, who was Tengen before she joined the ninja academy? What was her life like growing up in a non-ninja household? And what kind of person is she when not fighting enemies or on missions?

Quotes about Tenten:

Tenten She is also gentle and caring. Her desire to be acknowledged and appreciated by others also leads her to not openly admit her feelings for Neji, though she appears open about it in front of other people. Like Neji, she takes her duties as a ninja very seriously and will fight against anyone who goes against their morals – Wikipedia NarutoTentenis a kunoichi from Konohagakure and part of Team Guy. She was taught various weapons-based styles by Might Guy himself – Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Wikia.

She is very intelligent and level-headed, almost completely devoid of a girly personality. She has an affinity for weapons, particularly ones that can be used for traps and projectiles. After Neji was defeated by NarutoUzumaki during his first Chūnin Exam, Tenten took him on as her apprentice – Wikipedia Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Wikia.

Trivia about Tenten:


Tenten (テンテン) is a wordplay on ten+ten, and can also mean heavenly arms, referring to her proficiency with projectiles. In keeping with the play on words about her name, all of her weapons have names that are written with two kanji (one for ten [天] and one for weapon [兵]). The name of the Tenten specialty weapon – kusarigama – is a combination of kusari (chain/rope) and kama (sickle). An alternate spelling variant is TenTen. In other media such as video games, as well as in promotional material from Studio Pierrot, Tenten’s hair is depicted as being brown in color.

This depiction has been used in Naruto: Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, NarutoShippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, NarutoShippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. However, in every anime adaptation, she has appeared in thus far (with the exception of Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie), Tenten has been depicted with black hair instead.

Fan Art about Tenten:

The Official BorutoUzumakiNaruto Next Generations Databook (Sakura Haruno& 10 Others), page 55, paragraph 5. Shis a chūnin-levelkunoichi of Konohagakure and member of Team Guy. Is really skilled with weaponry and is an extremely powerful kunoichi; Tenten is one of Konoha’s top kunoichi after all. She comes from a renowned family of weapons specialists and she eventually succeeded in becoming a weapons expert herself. She has inherited her family’s treasured tools: SetsunaSakurazaki’s Twin Swords and her own Mechanical Bracelets for Shurikenjutsu. What exactly makes them so special? What set does Tenten wield better than anyone else?

Before getting into her arsenal, let’s talk about who gave Tenten her outstanding talents. Her mother and father were considered two of Konoha’s most gifted weapons users, and they both passed on their skills to their daughter when she was very young. When she became a genin, Tenten quickly became known as a model student. She also proved that just because she comes from a family of weapons specialists doesn’t mean she isn’t strong herself. During Part I, Kakashi said that even with his Sharingan active he was unable to identify her movements during battle because of how well-hidden they were behind her scrolls.

References about Tenten:

Team Guy is a collection of shinobi who are under training by their leader, Might Guy. The members were individually called to action for missions at various times. This is a list of notable Team Guy members. A few notable ones include Rock Lee, TanjiroKamado, NejiHyūga, KibaInuzuka, and Shino Aburame are able to demonstrate the ability to effectively use techniques of their own, albeit with slightly less skill than others in their respective teams. Such as Hinata and Sakura with Gentle Fist Techniques; Shikamaru Nara and ChojiAkimichi with Shadow Possession Jutsu; Ino Yamanaka with Mind-Body Disturbance Jutsu and Sasuke Uchiha being able to activate his Sharingan after months of training.

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