Who is Sesshomaru?

Sesshomaru also called Lord Sesshōmaru, or simply Sesshōmaru is the main antagonist-turned-anti-hero in the series Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi. He wields the powerful sword Tōkijin and can transform into a full-fledged yōkai at will. He was voiced by Takehito Koyasu in the original Japanese animated television series and by Kyle Hebert in the English anime dub by Viz Media and later Funimation Entertainment.

Who married Sesshomaru?

The Sesshomaru was born to a powerful demon father (the Dog General) and a human mother. Shortly after he was born, his mother died in a raid by enemy ogres. As he grew up, Sesshomaru was constantly haunted by demons who sought revenge for their fallen comrades; as a result of these battles, he received several wounds that didn’t heal. At some point during his youth or childhood, Sesshomaru also gained an elder brother named Inuyasha, with whom he shared an extremely antagonistic relationship. While they were still young, Sesshomaru attempted to steal Tessaiga from Inuyasha; however, he ended up breaking off Tensing instead.

.It wasn’t until much later that he discovered that Tensing could revive people from death—and even then, it was only if someone willingly sacrificed themselves for another person. This revelation caused him to question whether his sword really belonged to him…or if it should have been given to Inuyasha instead. Regardless, Sesshomaru decided to keep Tensing anyway.

Later on, when he learned that Inuyasha had somehow obtained a fragment of the Shimon Jewel (which was actually embedded into his right arm), Sesshomaru began plotting against him once again. He wanted to use Inuyasha’s new power to get what he wanted: Naraku’s complete jewel shard collection and ultimate power over all demons. However, after realizing how difficult it would be to defeat Naraku without harming Kagome along the way, Sesshomaru decided not to go through with his plan—at least not yet.

Did Sesshomaru get married?


Though Sesshomaru never actually marries in Inuyasha, he does become a doting father to Rin, his young human companion. Spoilers for Inuyasha and Sengoku Basara below In episode 119 of Inuyasha, we learn that 500 years ago, an old village woman named Rinchuu helped save an injured child she called little lord by feeding him her blood. Little lord is actually Inuyasha but he doesn’t remember his name or past. The full implications of the little lord’s strange powers weren’t clear at first, but when they were it was too late – having tasted Rinchuu’s blood, the little lord became enthralled with her. When Rinchuu died.

Inuyasha grieved so much that he could not eat or sleep; even after 500 years, he still misses her. One day, little lord meets a girl named Kagome who has been transported from modern-day Japan into feudal Japan through a well in her family shrine. Seeing how sad Kagome is about being separated from her friends and family, little lord decides to help bring them back together thus begins their journey together. When Kagome returns home after defeating Naraku (the main antagonist), she discovers that 500 years have passed since she left; only one person remains from those days: Sesshōmaru.

Who is Sesshomaru’s love interest?

Kanna, Rin, Sara and Tama. He had a friendly relationship with his younger half-brother Inuyasha and was kind to Kagome to whom he promised that he would exterminate Naraku in exchange for her sealing him away again. Although he disliked humans as a whole, Shook was one of few people whom he acknowledged as an equal. Sesshomaru remained with his father despite knowing how evil and manipulative he could be at times. Despite his cold demeanor, Sesshomaru shows a certain level of respect towards Inuyasha after they finally put aside their differences during their fight against Ryūkotsusei’s strongest incarnation when Inuyasha suddenly came back to life after they killed it by using Bakusaiga’s power.

What are Rin and Sesshomaru’s relationship?

Rin and Sesshomaru was a young girl in Jaden’s service at that time, came across Inuyasha as he was about to kill Kagome in his quest for Tessaiga. Rin took Kagome to safety and then ran back to try and save Inuyasha from falling into a deep ravine. She found him on his back trying desperately to climb out but unable to do so due to her tiny size and lack of strength. Seeing her, he pleaded with her not to touch him since he was covered in poison from head to toe which could kill any human upon contact.

However, Rin ignored his pleas and instead climbed up onto his chest and used all her might to push him up out of the ravine. As she did so, she touched several parts of his body including his face causing her to become poisoned as well. When they were both safe on solid ground again, she collapsed from exhaustion only to be caught by Inuyasha before hitting the ground. Kushina Uzumaki asked if she was alright only for her to die in his arms moments later after telling him how much she liked him even though he never once said anything nice about himself or thanked her for saving him even though it cost her life doing so.

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