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A Brief Overview of Belmont Finance

Belmont Finance

Belmont Finance works with distributors all over the country providing consumer financing for in-home and direct sales. With an extremely low interest rate of 8% on purchases, no annual fees, and flexible payment plans that you can set up yourself…

What is the APY Finance and how does it work?

APY Finance

A finance term, APY Annual Percentage Yield indicates the interest rate that your bank account offers after adjusting for compounding and daily interest accumulation. Essentially, it’s the percentage of interest your investment earns over time. If you deposit $100 in…

Healthcare Finance Direct | The Future of Financing

Healthcare Finance Direct

Healthcare Finance Direct is the future of financing. An innovative technology platform, Healthcare Finance Direct allows healthcare providers to offer pay-over-time options to every single patient, regardless of their credit score or ability to pay cash up front. By expanding…

A Brief History of Central Finance

Central Finance

Central Finance Company PLC (CFC) is one of the oldest non-bank financial institutions in Sri Lanka having founded in 1957 as an industrial finance company to provide loans to small and medium-sized industries. Since its inception, CFC has been expanding…

The History of Professional Finance Company

Professional Finance Company

Professional Finance Company has been providing debt collection services in the state of Colorado since 1953, and it hasn’t slowed down since then. In fact, the company has been growing consistently each year in terms of revenue and employee count,…

10 Ways to Improve Your Local Finance

Local Finance

Local Finance encompasses the revenue and expenditure decisions of local governments. Local governments are mainly financed by tax revenues from residents and businesses, but in recent years, local governments have expanded their sources of financing to include borrowing and financial…

Atlantic Finance | Affordable Installment Loans

Atlantic Finance

Atlantic Finance makes installment loans that can be paid off according to the loan agreement or early when convenient for you and your budget, whichever works best for you. Whether you’re looking to pay off medical bills, do some home…

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